Wednesday, 13 July 2011

U.S. Ambassador Smuggles Tapping Devices - Mass Rallies in Support of Reform Process, Rejecting Foreign Interference Continuous

U.S. Ambassador Smuggles Tapping Devices to Opposition in Syria
Local Editor
U.S. Ambassador in Damascus Robert Ford has secretly transferred tapping devices to the protestors in Hama during Thursday and Friday’s illegal visit to the province.

As-Safir Lebanese daily quoted “reliable” sources Tuesday as saying that these devices were intended to be used for sending images about the protests and airing them live, and for eavesdropping and spying on the army, security, and police in “areas of conflict”.

The source further emphasized that the Syrian security apparatuses successfully dismantled the devices and arrested some of those who used them.

It indicated that these devices were located on balconies facing security headquarters, as well as government and military buildings.

The Lebanse daily proceeded clarifying that the devices were very accurate, pointing out that preliminary investigations revealed that those devices were set to reach various Syrian regions, which helped the security authority capture one of the major eavesdropping network.

However, the source told As-Safir that there appears to be a big number of devices with the opposition figures.

Continuous Mass Rallies & Various Activities in Support of Reform Process, Rejecting Foreign Interference
Jul 13, 2011

PROVINCES, (SANA) – Popular, civil and youth activities all over the Syrian provinces continued organizing mass rallies and carnivals in support of the reform process and in rejection of foreign interference.

People of Sanamin city and the surrounding villages in Daraa province, 100 km from Damascus, participated in a mass rally in support of the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, condemning the conspiracy which aims at undermining Syria's security and stability.

The participants raised national flags and banners to stress national unity of the Syrian people and to express gratitude to the Syrian army for defending the homeland.

In Aleppo, 355 km from Damascus, a car rally headed from Aleppo to Tartous and Lattakia passing through cities of Hama and Homs to shed light on Syria's best tourism places and convey a message of love and peace to citizens throughout the Syrian provinces and call upon them to participate in building Syria.

Thousands of Deir Hafer area in Aleppo Countryside gathered to express support for the comprehensive reform program and stress steadfastness to deter all attempts aiming at undermining Syria's security and stability.

The participants condemned the biased propaganda launched by some satellite channels against their homeland.

They also condemned the brutal massacres committed by the armed terrorist groups against innocent civilians and security and army forces.

In Deir Ezzor, 432 km from Damascus, 6 travelers began a 9-day trip on foot from Dawar al-Sabe Bahrat in the province to Damascus to express loyalty to the homeland and support the reform process in Syria.

The travelers said that the team will also start a trip on foot from Damascus to Gaza to express the Syrian people's solidarity with the Palestinians in the face of Zionist aggression.
Meantime, the one million campaign to defend Syria in Lattakia, 348 km from Damascus held a carnival in support of the reform process and rejection of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.
Participating in the carnival, Researcher Ali al-Shuaibi stressed the failure of all conspiracies to weaken Syria, indicating to the importance of the open national dialogue to reach joint interests and preserve Syria's steadfastness and stability.

Al-Shuaibi condemned the U.S. and France flagrant interference in Syria's internal affairs after their ambassadors visited Hama city and met some saboteurs to spread chaos, adding that the visit violates all diplomatic traditions.

He thanked members of the Syrian army and armed forces, security forces and the Syrian electronic army who confronted the ferocious media war and revealed the false claims of biased channels.

The youth of Hssein al-Bahr village in the coastal province of Tartous hoisted a 1000 m flag at sea between al-Zaheri beach and al-Namel Island in expression of their support to reform and rejection of foreign interference R. Raslan/ H. Said/ al-Ibrahim
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