Saturday, 16 July 2011

War Memories III: To Haifa and Far Beyond Haifa (Video)

Sara Taha
July 15, 2006 was the day that confirmed the new war equation that Hezbollah resistance fighters imposed on Israel.

This day generated the Israeli “Turning Point” maneuvers, moving the war and danger into the depth of the occupied territories.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah addressed the Israeli settlers five years ago saying: “I tell the Zionists that you will find out that your new government and leadership is idiotic and stupid, and it does not have any experience in this field. You say in your polls that you believe me. I call on you to listen to me and believe me. We had patience despite the night aggression on the Southern Suburb. There is no difference between the Suburb, Beirut, Bikaa, and Mount Lebanon. This equation is over. I will not tell you today if you hit Beirut or the Suburb, we will hit Haifa.”
“You wanted it to be an open war, and we are ready for that..a war at all the levels, to Haifa, beyond Haifa, and far beyond Haifa..and we are not the only ones who will pay the price,” Sayyed Nasrallah announced.
Zionist settlers could no longer live a normal life and in peace during Israeli wars against other countries. They will have to face the fear and pain that their governments have been imposing on Arabs for 63 years.
Israeli wars are no longer wars on other countries’ lands. They are rather destruction in the depth of Israel.
Five years later, Zionist commentators and analysts tell Israel Channel One that the internal front has become the fragile side of Israel.
They consider that every spot in the occupied territories could be subjected to intensive rocket attacks by Hezbollah, pointing out that “chaos will spread and everyone will have to face his own destiny.”

Hasan Hijazi contributed to this report.
Source: Al Manar TV

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