Sunday, 18 September 2011

Gilad Atzmon @ Freiburg Conference (video+text)

Atzmon’s talk starts around 5:50 min just after Prof’ Bernhard Uhdo’s introduction (German).

The talk elaborates on the meaning of time and temporality within the context of Jewish identity politics, Israeli brutality and even crypto Zionists’ (aka Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists) spin
Time is of the essence!!!

Time Banking and Social ChangesGilad Atzmon: Being In Time:
(A talk given at the ‘Palestine, Israel, Germany- The Boundaries of Open Discussion Conference’, Freiburg 11th September 2011

Dear ladies and gentlemen.

I will begin my talk with an unusual confession. Though I was born in Israel, in the first thirty years of my life I did not know much about the Nakba, the brutal and racially driven ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population in 1948 by the newly born Israeli State. My peers and myself knew about a single massacre, namely, Deir Yassin but we were not at all familiar with the vast scale of atrocities committed by our grandparents. We believed that the Palestinians had voluntarily fled. We were told that they had run away and we did not find any reason to doubt that this had indeed been the case.Let me tell you that in all my years in Israel, I have never heard the word Nakba spoken. This may sound pathetic, or even absurd to you – but what about you? Shouldn’t you also ask yourself – when was the first time you heard the word Nakba? Perhaps you can also try to recall when this word settled comfortably into your lexicon. Let me help you here — I have carried out a little research amongst my European and American Palestinian solidarity friends, and most of them had only heard the word Nakba for the first time, just a few short years ago, whilst others admitted that they had only started to use the word themselves three or four years ago.

But isn’t that a slightly strange state of affairs? After all, the Nakba took place more than six decades ago. How is it that only recently it found its way into our symbolic order?
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