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Mossad Spy Confesses He Provided Israel with Information about Martyr Mughniyeh

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Syrian TV broadcast on Saturday an Israeli spy as confessing he had worked for the Israeli Mossad and provided them with information that facilitated the assassination of the martyr leader Imad Mughniyeh.

Iyad Youssef Naim said he had given the Zionist entity the car plate number of martyr mughniyeh, a day before he was martyred on February 13 2008.

He said they asked him to make sure that there was a silver Pajero car next to an apartment in a bystreet in Damascus.
“I saw a man holding a newspaper on the street and two other people in a Korean car… but they contacted me again to check if there was any (Mitsubishi) Pajero car on the site” Naim said about Martyr Mughniyeh assassination.
“I saw the car entering the street along with a Mercedes, so I gave them the Pajero plate number… and headed back to Latakia,” the spy went on saying.
"I called and told them about the Pajero and its number then left the area," he said, adding "As I read the news on the Internet the next day I found out that martyr Imad Mughniyeh was assassinated. It was the same Pajero", Naim said.
The Israeli spy said he was recruited in mid-2006. “Then I was asked to head for Syria in the beginning of 2007, after I was trained by an Israeli Mossad officer named Dawood along with another group of Mossad officers in the occupied Jerusalem”, the Israeli spy said.
The spy added that he headed to for Damascus to collect information about diplomatic bodies and headquarters for Hezbollah and Hamas.

"They asked me to provide them with information about inhabitants in Lattakia, their works, activities and about the sects there...They were interested in the demographic construction of the city”, Naim said further.
He added he was given Belgian SIM card and used to communicate with those who recruited him weekly via the telephone.

Naim was born in 1976 in Amman, Jordan. He holds dual citizenship, the Jordanian and Palestinian.

Israeli Spy An'eim: Recruited by Mossad, Provided Them with Information Facilitated Assassination of Mughniyeh

Political Analysts: Spy's Confessions Prove Israel's Work to Subvert Arab Communities

Jordanian political analyst Ibrahim Naji Alloush said the arrest of the Israeli spy in Syria dealt a counterblow to the Israeli enemy and confirmed that the Mossad works on penetrating the Arab communities to subvert and destabilize them from the inside and target the Resistance leaders, which goes in line with the ongoing effort to destabilize Syria.
Political analyst and researcher Amin Huteit from Lebanon said An'eim's confessions proved by evidence Israel's involvement in the assassination of martyr Imad Mughniyeh and confirmed its role in the events in Syria.
Huteit said the Israeli spy was assigned with a preliminary mission to conduct a detailed survey of the Syrian inside and draw a social and security map to be later consummated in order to enable the Israeli enemy to know the places vulnerable to foreign interference and prepare the stage for foreign conspiracy in the form of attack against Syria.
For his part, Jordanian political analyst Rasmi Al-Jaberi said that Syria and the Resistance are two sides of one coin, which reflects the open war on Syria over the many years of the conflict with the Israeli enemy.
R. Milhem / Ghossoun /H. Said

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The Idiot's comment: [My comment: some well-connected sources had implicated Shawkat in the Mughniyeh assassination, so it makes sense that he would want to eliminate Suleiman, since he knew the real score.]

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