Friday, 25 November 2011

6 million non-jews

Some have already their bomb
and others do not !!
Imaging that Iran would have ,next week ,a nuclear bomb
and that it has also the rocket that could carry it.

Imaging ,also , that the target would be Tel Aviv
and that the impact area would only be a radius of 100 Miles (150 Km)
then we shall see :
1- Jerusalem completely distroyed
2- 1,5 million Gazzean dead
3- one million Arab-Palestinians lokked inside Israel , also dead
4 - 2,5 million Arab-Palestinians living in the West Bank , also dead
5- one million Russian-immigrants (Christians) also dead
6- all in all :
6 million-non-jews dead , as collateral damages !! when only 4 Million Israelis would perish.
7- and a Muslim regime completely destroying the third holiest Muslem place of worship
which is Jerusalem .

No sir !!
if and when Iran gets its atom-bomb,it will be simply respected,
just like North Korea ,Pakistan,Israel or France .

Raja Chemayel

NB :
If the damaging-radius of the Bomb will be 200 Miles ( 300 Km.)
Alexandria , Beirut, Damascus and Amman population s
will be serevely damaged too

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