Friday, 23 December 2011

Analysts: The twin terrorist attacks in Damascus serve the Zio-American plot

Analysts: The twin terrorist attacks in Damascus serve the Zio-American plot

DAMASCUS- Lebanese military and strategic expert and MP Walid Sukariyeh on Friday said the two terrorist attacks which targeted security branches in Damascus came in the service of the Zio-American project that rejects any solution in Syria and any call for national dialogue and is aimed at undermining the resistance forces in the region.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV, Sukariyeh added that the purpose of these terrorist attacks is to undermine Syria's security and stability and spread the culture of killing, terrorism and disorder.

"The criminality which started with terrorist acts against the civilians and the military has now developed into terrorist suicide operations in al-Qaeda style," said Sukariyeh.

He recalled calls for instigating terrorists to infiltrate into Syria from Iraq and Lebanon since the establishment of the so-called Istanbul Council to inflame Syria and the region.

For his part, Dr. Amin Hoteit, another strategic expert and researcher from Lebanon, said the twin terrorist attacks indicate that the agents of the West and Israel have started carrying out the terrorist acts plan after the failure of the Zio-American-European plot to undermine Syria.
He noted that the US administration has now turned to implementing in Syria the same scheme it used in Afghanistan and Iraq, through directing al-Qaeda and its Takfiri agents into killing civilians.

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