Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Goebbels analogy outrages Jewish groups

In the past, Iranian President, Dr. Ahmadinejad had been called ‘Hitler‘ by Jewish groups in many western countries and their stooges like Germany’s Angela Markel and Rev. John Hagee.

Now, the ADL and several Jewish groups have slammed Rep. Allen West (R-FL) for saying: “If Joesph Goebbels was around, he would be very proud of the Democratic Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine. Let’s be honest, you know, some of the people in the media are complicit with this an enabling them to get the type of message out“.

Abe Foxman, national director ADL, in a letter to Rep. Allen West has demanded him to apologies for his words before they cause further harm. “It’s high time to excise analogies to Nazi and Hitler from the political vocabulary. It doesn’t serve us as Americans, and cheapen our political discourse,” wrote Foxman of ‘double standards’.

Personally, I think the ADL is upset because Allen West has accused the mainstream media most of which is owned by six Jewish companies.

The Muslim-hating statements by GOP presidential hopefuls like Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Rick Santorum have never bothered most of these Jewish groups. In a recent interview with Jay Leno, Rep. Ron Paul said that Bachmann: “She doesn’t like Muslims. She hates Muslims. She hates them. She wants to go get them.”

Paul Joesph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, portrayed as ‘Jew hater’ – had in fact some interesting family connections with the Jews. Joesph Goebbels’ father, Fritz Goebbel, had a very dear Jewish friend, Dr. Josef Joseph, who acted as godfather for the young Goebbels. Paul Goebbels’ middle name may had been to honor his godfather. Goebbels’ favorite professor at Heidelberg was Friedrich Gundolf, who was Jewish. Goebbels’ long-time girlfriend, Else Janke, was daughter of a Jewish mother. Goebbels married Magda Quandt whose stepfather, Friedländer, was Jewish.

Until then – Goebbels had no anti-Semitic characteristics. However, things changed once Goebbel found out that Magda was having affair with a Jew named Victor Chaim Arlosoroff. Arlosoroff, subsequently became an important Zionist figure. After Hitler came to power, he was the Zionist representative in the negotiations with the new Nazi government that resulted in the Haavara (Transfer) agreement, whereby German Jews could emigrate to Palestine with their property. In June 1933 Arlosoroff was murdered in Tel Aviv by members of the Jabotinsky faction of the Zionist movement.
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