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Jewish Group: ‘Christmas is anti-Israel’

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Professor Gerald M. Steinberg (Bar Ilan University) is founder and president of Jerusalem-based ‘NGO Monitor’. It along with the Geneva-based ’UN Watch‘, Robert Bernstein’s Human Right Watch, and many other Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) platforms, is there to silence criticism of the Zionist regime. Gerald Steinberg founded the NGO Monitor after 2001 Durban Conference on Racism. Gerald Steinberg is welknown critic of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, Oxfom, etc. to name a few. He is also considered ‘an authority’ on matters relating to Iran’s nuclear program and Hizbullah.

Gerald Steinberg in his latest rant (December 22, 2011) has accused NGOs like Sabeel (N. America), War on Want (UK), Amos Trust and Adalah-NY – for using Christmas “to demonize Israel with crude, anti-Semitic rhetoric“.

Gerald Giensberg’s list of ‘anti-Semitism’ is not much different than the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s annual anti-Israel slurs. The Zionist propagandist has accused ‘Friends of Sabeel‘, a voice of Palestinian Christians – for selling “Peace with Justice” Christmas greeting cards, one of which says “The Empire will not last“.

Christian NGO, Adalah-NY is blamed for holding its fifth annual anti-apartheid caroling in front of New York Leviev jewelry store owned by Tashkent-born Israeli billionaire, diamond magnate Lev Avnerovich Leviev. In 2000, a US Congress report had blamed Lev for having ties to Chinese intelligence. Gerald claims that the lyrics of caroling contain words like “ethnic cleansing and apartheid, blood libel, selling beauty creams with Palestinian blood, etc.”.

The UK-based Christian NGO Amos Trust is being blamed for selling its Bethlehem Pack. According to Gerald Steinberg, the prayers’ pack spreads hatred toward Israel among Christians. For example, one of the texts claims: “If Jesus was born today in Bethelhem, the Wise men would spend several hours queuing to enter the town“.

“Linking the suffering of Palestinians to Christian themes revives traditional and deep seated (Europe’s) anti-Semitic theology. By employing these tactics, and grossly misrepresenting a complicated conflict, these NGOs are making peace more difficult to achieve,” wrote Gerald Steinberg.

Earlier, Gerald Steinberg, had called upon the EU and other European countries to stop funding Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, for demonizing Israel by publishing exaggerated Jewish human right’s violation.

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