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Eye on the Enemy: Barak to Syrian Opposition: I Can Do Nothing

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Barak to Syrian Opposition: I can do nothing
Army Radio

"Israeli" "Defense" Minister Ehud Barak, during an interview with Army Radio, said that "the intercepting system of multiple layers missiles is a national task of the first class, since we are facing a financial reduction of at least 3 billion shekels from the basic defense budget, which is being all disbursed in "Israel" "." The defense system buys from the "Israeli" market, which is a source for business and export. "
“Syrian National Council” Asks Israel for Help
The "defense" minister said that "the fate of al-Assad regime is definite, he will be ousted, and "we are carefully overseeing the situation to make sure that no weapons are being smuggled from Syria to hostile parties."
Barak in response to the statements made by Syrian opposition asking "Israel" to intervene in to topple al-Assad, he said "given the means in our hands, I can do nothing."ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ

Why "Israel" is concerned of the Syrian weaponry smuggling to Lebanon?
Ma'ariv - Hanan Greenberg
The strong relationship between Syria and Lebanon, which include the smuggling of weapons, is not a new situation and it is going "non-stop". Even the UN resolution 1701 adopted by the Security Council at the end of the Second Lebanon War, which stated the prohibition of arms smuggling to Hizbullah, has not been respected by both parties since a long time.

Today, as the Syrian regime is approaching to its end, the concern in "Israel" is increasing because someone will try to direct the attention towards us. Risks prevail due to the smuggling of arms into Lebanon that will reach Hizbullah directly. An increase in the number of combatants of Islamic Jihad that will enter Syria is expected as well. Some frustrated army officers might likely direct their anger towards "Israel".

During a chaotic situation, as always, we are not able to identify who will take over the stores of arms of Syria. The matter is related to other elements such as the advanced anti-aircraft systems, rockets and certainly chemical and biological weapons.

When Qaddafi's regime was toppled in Libya, lots of weapons were imported to Sinai, and without obstruction they reached Gaza Strip. There is a similar scenario in Syria, where extremists easily arrive at store weapons there, this may be a red line for "Israel", and cannot include it on the agenda. "

5 Brigades' Drills Cancelled
Channel 2
"Is the "Israeli" army affected by the economic crises?

Due to the financial cuts of the "Israeli" army, primary five exercises planned to be done this year have been cancelled. Moreover, a joint maneuver is likely to be cancelled too.

High-ranking officers confirmed that the cancellation of the exercises was necessary in the light of the Chief of Staff's decision to preserve the rehabilitation of cadets' bases and the activities of the regular units.
The officers said that "a big part of budget is not flexible and cannot be changed, for example, the payments to the bereaved families, the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, and agreements signed by the Army for the procurement of sophisticated systems."

In addition to the cancellation of the exercises, the "Israeli" army decided to reduce the ammunition allocated to the units in need. On the other hand, the number of reserve units hat will be recruited for operational activity will be reduced. The army warned that "in fact, this year in light of the risks that led to the deterioration of the region we had to practice more. It is forbidden to go back to the days before the Second Lebanon War."

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