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USrael: The ‘New Middle East’ project is derailed

In June 2006, former US secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice unveiled America’s ‘New Middle East’ project in Tel Aviv. The project’s blue-print was prepared in Washington-London-Tel Aviv. Its agenda was to redraw Muslim East map with regime changes by creating military conflicts, chaos, division and religious sectarianism in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Yemen, Pakistan, etc., in order to further weaken those countries in case they ever pose a threat to Israel in future. The implementation of the plan began with Israel’s 34-day continued bombing of Lebanon.

‘Israel’ Recalls Defeat each August
However, after unexpected military humiliation of Jewish army at the hands of Hizbullah, plan was put on hold. Last year it was reconstructed from Tunisia followed by Egypt and Yemen. However, it’s now being derailed again in Syria, Iran and Pakistan.

Israeli advice to Washington, based on their inhuman embargo on Gaza since 2006, was that continued crippling sanction will starve Iranians to death and eventually they will rise against the Islamist regime. Howeve, the Zionist idiots forgot that Iran is not a landlocked overcrowded tiny ghetto. It has a vast area populated with 74 million people and blessed with world’s second largest oil and gas reserves.
Though, Iran is surrounded by US military bases and US-puppet regimes – America is losing its allies in the region day by day. American experts on strategic alliance agree that Washington has already lost Iraq to Iran – and they believe as soon as US-NATO forces leave Afghanistan, the winners will be Pakistan and Iran.

Last month, Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari (from 15% Shia minority) assured his Iranian counterpart, Dr. Ahmadinejad during later’s two-day visit to Islamabad – that if Iran is attacked by USrael, Pakistan will be on Iran’s side. Pakistan has more than 80 nuclear bombs.

Pakistan is also boosting its military cooperation with Shia-majority Azerbaijan – a spring-board for CIA-Mossad terrorism against Iran. Last week, Khalid Shameem Wynne, Senate chairman Joint Chief sof staff Committee held a meeting with Azerbaijani defense minister Safa Abiyev and promised him to provide necessary military support to Azerbaijan against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Currently, Azerbaijan buys arms from Israel and the US.

On March 1, 2012 – Pakistani foreign minister, Hina Khar, told reporters that Islamabad rejects US demands to end all energy ties with the Islamic Republic as they’re more in the interests of Pakistan than Iran. In September 2011 – US Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs, Ambassador Carlos Pascual (receiver of Torch of Liberty Award from National Conference on Soviet Jewry in 2003), had “advised” Islamabad to abandon its plan to import gas from Iran. USrael is pursuing the delayed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) natural gas pipeline project – to replace Iran-Pakistan (I-P) gas pipeline – which by-passes Iranian territory.

Both China and India have refused USraeli demands to stop importing Iranian crude oil. India is world’s second largest inporter of Iranian oil ($12 billion per year) after China. Between China, India, Japan and South Korea – amounts 60% of Iran’s total oil export. Professor Nicholas Burn (Harvard), a retired former US Zionist Jew diplomat decribed India’s decision to “walk out of step” with its old friends, the US, EU and Israel as “bitterly disappointing” and “a real setback” to US closer ties with India (against China and Pakistan). Washington lifted it ban on India’s nuclear program in 2008 and signed several billion dollars worth contracts with New Delhi. Washington still maintains its ban on Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Contrary to western Zionist-controlled media, the USrael-sponsored sanctions against Iranian regime have failed. However, as in Iraq, Libya and Gaza – USrael’s victims are Iranian civilians whom Ben-Obama pledges to liberate. Iranian have been under USraeli sanctions since 1980s after the western-puppet regime of King Reza Shah was sent to dustbin and Iran broke diplomatic relations with both Washington and Tel Aviv. Iranians have not only survived sanctions and military threats for the last 32 years – but in the mean times have become the most powerful country in the region.

The USA loses one ally after another. The country may eventually face the fowerful coalition of Mideastern states that will be ousting NATO servicemen from their region,” wrote Yury Sosinsky Semikhat in Russian Pravda on February 28, 2012

Netanyahu not only wants a pro-Israel regime change in Iran, but also a regime change in the US,” says Max Blumenthal, a Jewish-American military analyst and author. Watch video below.
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