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DateSunday, April 1, 2012 at 1:23AM AuthorGilad Atzmon
By Daniel Mabsout
The campaign against Gilad Atzmon is totally not only unjustifiable but also unacceptable . The great plight of Palestinians is not only the usurping of Palestine but unfortunately the usurping of the Palestinian cause itself that turned the plight of some people into a resourceful means for others among them so called leaders and so called militants and employees and activists and politicians and intellectuals and academicians and you name it.

We will not go into the details of who is responsible for the deterioration of the Palestinian condition -among Palestinians and Arabs- who took upon themselves the mission of promoting this righteous cause and failed in every respect , and who- among Arabs and Palestinians- profited from the pending of the Palestinian cause and they are many , this will take too long , but we will definitely stop to consider this unbelievable phenomenon where a bunch of so called learned Palestinians and Arabs – living mostly abroad and who rarely or never visit Palestine- took it upon themselves to carry on the Jewish / Zionist / Arab mission of attacking and exposing and shunning an ex Israeli soldier who decided to leave the Israeli army after serving in its rank and to leave Israel as well and continue his life as a citizen of the world sharing his personal experience of an ex Israeli soldier and citizen with the world and refusing to belong to the Jewish community after he saw the role of this community in its great majority and its various tendencies and affiliations whether left or right , progressive or conservative in the promotion of the state of Israel and its great support to it by all means .

Considering this very particular rich experience of one who has been totally involved in the Israeli endeavor as a soldier and a citizen , and then delivered and promoted to another level of consciousness by awareness and personal effort , whereby he saw the reality of Israel and the Palestinian condition , the only reaction on behalf of some Palestinian and Arabs was to cry: ANTISEMITISM ! Frankly speaking I have never witnessed something as ridiculous in my whole life as the reaction of these so called Palestinian intellectuals and academicians who rushed along with their Zionist friends of the world order to attack the generous person called Gilad Atzmon who came to share honestly -with all -his personal experience in the army , in Israel , and in the Jewish community as a whole .

Among our bright academicians and activists you find Ali abu Nimah , Omar Barghouthi and our longhaired angry wizard : As’ad abu Khalil and many others as well who took the trouble to sign a petition against Gilad Atzmon, accusing him mainly of sowing the discord between Muslims and Jews and warning all to shun him as a racist . What they were doing in fact was not evaluating his thought for which they had no clue, but taking a stand against his anti Israeli position and considering him on the wrong side and regarding themselves the owners of the Palestinian cause as we see it happening right now in many sectarian groups.

A famous Arab proverb says : If you don’t feel ashamed then do as you please , as this applies perfectly to our lofty intellectuals who think that they can accuse a Jew of being anti Semitic . What a joke! This accusation has no room in whatever Atzmon said or wrote , because this is his personal experience as lived intelligently by him and where he reached certain conclusions that are his and not mere fruitless speculations on behalf of barren uncreative Arab and Palestinian intellectuals .

It is not for Arabs and Palestinians -be they angry or serene- to meddle in Israel’s internal affairs and decide who the bad Israeli or the good Israeli is from Israel’s point of view and to evaluate the experience of an Israeli in the Jewish community he was born into .

Of course our lofty intellectuals and academicians are not serious in their accusation , they cannot be , but they have chosen the most acclaimed and applauded way to please the world establishment they work for and serve under the banner of Palestine , and this by accusing a Jew of anti Semitism and of turning the Arab/Israeli conflict into a religious one !

Can anyone tell what kind of trip are these intellectuals , harboured by universities and think-tanks , on ? Are they promoting the Palestinian cause ? Are they defending Palestine ?Against whom are they defending it ? Against the ones that are against Israel ? They seem more afraid to lose some position they have got for someone more qualified than they are and who is at least honest and not feeding on the miseries of others or monopolizing a righteous cause in order to keep a job or acquire a position or get a promotion, some one who could shed the light on the real cause of the Palestinian plight.
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