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Like Aita al-Shaab Stood Lebanon: A Steadfast Fortress 33 Days

Nour Rida

Tears rolled down the cheeks on Wednesday April 19, in the premiere of "33 Days" film, which depicted the story the Southern Village of Aita al-Shaab resisting the "Israeli" aggression on July 2006.

The film, directed by Jamal Shurjeh is an Iranian-Lebanese co-production.

Kinda Alloush from Syria; Bassem Moghnieh, Carmen Lebbos, Darin Hamzah, Pierre Dagher and Youssef El Khal from Lebanon are among the cast of the movie that was fully filmed in South Lebanon.

Mr. Ali Abou Zeid of the Rayhana production group behind this great cinematic work, before the screening of the film said that the cinematography was very challenging. The film, narrating in its first scene how "Israel" turned a day of joy into a massacre, as it bombarded a wedding which was to bring two young lovers to marriage, resembles only one story of the hundreds of stories the Lebanese people experienced during the brutal aggression of "Israel" which proved failing at the end.

This film is an embodiment of how the resistance is not exclusively for a certain sect or party in Lebanon; rather it is a resistance for defending all of Lebanon, of how it fights injustice, he stressed.

Bassem Moghnieh, a prominent Lebanese actor for his part said that he was very proud to take part in this film which resembles the bravery and sacrifices of the resistance fighters in defending the land and the people.
As for actress Darine Hamzeh, she noted that the film resembles an important cause, that of humanity and dignity and should be an important matter to all people. She also praised the film production, as it was very decent and still carried intense and deep emotions that allow the viewer to enjoy the scene and "live it".

Also, actress Nisreen Tafesh who was among the attendees recalled how exhausting the filmmaking process was, "we hope that this movie- which carries a noble cause- would reap the fruits of the perseverance and effort we drew up for this production."

Layla Abed, of Iranian nationality said after watching the film said it is very touching and narrates the story of people's suffering in their own land, also reminding her of Saddam Hussein's assault on Iran in the 1980's.

Sarkis, another viewer present at the premiere said "It is the first time Lebanon witnesses such huge production of a film that resembles the pain of each and every Lebanese who tasted the bitterness of "Israeli" occupation, either seeing their land usurped or loved ones slaughtered."

Resistance is the only means to defend land, people, and sanctities... In a brief interview earlier, producer Jamal Shurjeh told "Although the film was planned before the start of the Islamic Awakening, but our target audience was the Muslim World so we used Arab actors and apart from ten minutes in Hebrew, the film is in Arabic. We wanted to show them that through resistance, they can acquire their rights."


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