Wednesday, 4 April 2012

'The real Bashar Al-Assad'


The real Bashar Al-Assad'

'CNN/Arabic, 2009''
"... It is impossible to identify with precision President Assad’s popularity figures or to describe the various sources of his support. Yet, most observers do not shy away from sharing their personal guesstimates.
CNN’s Rick Roberson says “Al-Assad still has 20% to 30% support of the population … They still buy his message that he is fighting terrorist groups who are backed by an international media conspiracy.
Fawaz Gerges, director of the Middle East Center at the London School of Economics says “I think he has at least 30 percent solid support… His influence remains strong among members of his minority Alawite Muslim sect, in many cases because of fear of retribution at the hands of the largely Sunni opposition if Mr Assad is ousted”. Then there are the two extremes: Syrian state owned media imply that the vast majority of the Syrian people support the President and the supporters of regime-change, in and outside Syria, who believe that “the Syrian people” are all rising against Assad.
I will not be suggesting specific popularity figures. Instead, I will share with you information, or estimates, that can help you better gauge the President’s popularity...." (read, more)
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