Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sarkozy Loss and its Syrian effects

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"Syria, the Arab Yugoslavia of Middle East"

Nobody in France doubts that the next French President will not be (Nicolas Sarkozy)... he lost the battle and is no longer able to regain the initiative...

According to the electoral polls and Data nothing may alter the outcome in this crucial phase of voter options, the polls history of French presidential election doesn’t show a candidate a second term Presidency say losing with this big difference, six months before the date of the ballot.

There is no doubt that Sarkozy will leave the Elysee Palace, that his exit will have significant impacts on external files where Sarkozy  (Security Council, military intervention and political pressure). The Syrian file constitute the most important file in French foreign policy since years ago, the French stand will change... especially with the USA entering (coma) until November next election.....
The effects of the fall of Sarkozy to Syria ...

مسلحون في سوريةNicolas Sarkozy and his Foreign Minister Alain Juppe adopted an irrevocable clash policy with the regime in Syria.

Both, since the beginning of the crisis, never stopped calling Assad to step down, France has turned the UN Security Council into a huge archive of failed draft resolution against Syria, and Paris has turned into a shelter for all types of the Syrian opposition, participated in the creation of the Syrian National Council which enjoys recognition and stewardship, even after moving from politics to military action financing, arming and defending the armed groups in Syria, calling them sometimes of civilian demonstrators and freedom fighters other times, as by Juppe himself described them on one occasion.
These high ceiling positions made it difficult for Sarkosy and Juppe to undo or redo any type of relations with Damascus, the situation will be different entirely with the Socialist candidate socialist candidate François HOLLANDE  for the following reasons:

1.    François HOLLANDE retained a wider margin of greater by avoiding high ceiling remarks and uncompromising positions, and confining d his remarks to denounce "oppression" without any political positions. He never asked Assad to step down and this will give him a great margin in the event he won the Presidency,

2.  François HOLLANDE have to address the economic problems of the country and prevent, via European action, the catastrophe in Spain and Italy to extend to France, therefore he would avoid getting involved in Syria and concentrate on his accumulated internal problems

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