Friday, 1 June 2012

"Israel" Breaks Hunger Strike Deal, Renews Administrative Detention

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Once again, "Israel" doesn't fulfill its promises. Weeks after more than 2000 jailed Palestinian ended their hunger strike in protest of "Israel's" policy of administrative detention, prison authorities extended the detention of eight administrative detainees.

Osama Maqbul, lawyer for the solidarity institute for human rights, announced Wednesday that "Israeli" intelligence requested that the detainees, including MP Muhammad Bader, be held for months.
Bader was detained last March, the Nablus-based group stated.

Maqbul identified the other detainees as Husam Muhsen al-Ruza, Muhammad Ali Sadek Abu al-Rab, whose terms were extended for three months, and Rashad Ahmad Abdo whose detention was extended for six months.

The lawyer added that "Israeli" forces changed the detention status of two prisoners from Beit Ummar to administrative detention. They were identified as Muhammad Said Baaran, for six months, and Alaa Fahmi Zaakik, for four months.

Ahmad al-Bitawi, a researcher in the institute, said "Israel" has also renewed the administrative detention of Sheikh Falah Nada, 57, for six months. Nada is a Hamas member from Ramallah.

He also said that "Israel" has renewed the detention of Aziz Harun Kayed, the former under-secretary-general of the Palestinian cabinet, 10th government.

Meanwhile, the mother of the prisoner Mahmoud Sarsak , who has been on hunger strike for 80 days ago, urged international community to move to prevent the martyrdom of her son; who has lost the hearing and visual abilities.

On Monday, Palestinian officials said the Egyptian-brokered deal that ended a mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in "Israeli" jails has failed to meet hopes that "Israel" would change its policy of detention without trial.

In the two weeks since some 2,000 inmates agreed to end their hunger strike, more than 25 prisoners have either been rearrested after their release or had their six-month detention terms renewed.

The new detention figures, relating to Palestinians suspected of security offenses, are largely in line with past statistics during a two-week time frame, the officials said.

Under the deal, "Israel" agreed to reduce solitary confinement and increase family visits.

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