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Joseph Lieberman Says US To Topple Syrian Regime

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US Delegation Tours North Lebanon,
Monitors Borders with Syria -
In an article the Washington Post published on Friday, the US Senator Joseph Liebrman wrote that the [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad regime should be toppled by any means possible, be it foreign intervention or even "airstrikes".

Lieberman said after meeting with leaders of the opposition Syrian National Council and Free Syrian Army and leaders of key countries in the region that "A more [US] comprehensive and coordinated effort [on Syria] is needed, together with the US regional partners, to support the anti al-Assad fighters with weapons, tactical intelligence and other lethal aid."

He further noted that "A US-coordinated train-and-equip mission would provide the leverage to better unify and broaden the opposition, incorporate all of the key stakeholders in Syrian society, and influence their conduct."

Additionally, describing Bashar al-Assad as a "dictator" and a "devil", the official reiterates the US and its allies should dislodge him by any means possible.

He pointed out that the US should "dramatically step up efforts to support the Syrian opposition, explaining the aim to is to reach a point where it becomes clear Assad cannot win on the battlefield and must seek a negotiated exit.

A Sunni Emirate in the North

"The United States should begin discussions with our partners about a campaign of airstrikes to disrupt al-Assad's command over his forces and to establish safe zones along Syria's borders so the opposition can organize inside their country," he concludes.

Lieberman's visit was on the 2nd of May, and was defended as a "visit to the Lebanese-Syrian borders solely made in order to meet with the Syrian refugees and examine their humanitarian situation,"

Future bloc MP Khaled Daher had described it in remarks to As-Seyassah newspaper.

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