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Once Again US Pastor Desecrates Holy Quran

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A US pastor in Florida, Terry Jones, has once again burned copies of Islam’s holy book and a depiction of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

florida pastorJones said he had burned the holy book in response to the “imprisonment in Iran of a Christian clergyman”.

As seen in a 38 minute-long video on the website of Jones’ organization, Stand Up America Now, the US pastor began to burn copies of Islam’s holy book and an image supposedly depicting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in front of his church.

About 20 people attended Saturday’s burning and several Gainesville police officers were stationed across the street from the church, media reported.

Shortly after the move, Gainesville Fire Rescue Department issued the church a citation for violating the city's fire ordinances. Upon which, the pastor was then handed a $271 fine, which included court costs.

Local police officer said the pastor was fined because the Florida city of Gainesville has “restrictive fire ordinances,” which dictate that “books cannot be burned without authorization because of environmental concerns over the burning of glue and bindings in books”.

pentagonThe Pentagon “expressed concerns” that US soldiers in Afghanistan and elsewhere “could be put at greater risk” because of the step, Agence France Press reported.

The Guardian quoted Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill as saying in a statement: “We are aware of Pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn a Quran, and are monitoring the situation. The last time Pastor Jones burned a Quran, back in March of 2011, more than 16 people died and more than 90 people were injured from the resulting protests”.


iran flagFor its part, the Islamic Republic of Iran denounced the act, calling it provocative and warning the move would cause anger and resentment throughout the Muslim World.

"It is obvious that these disgraceful measures create religious hatred and spark Muslims' anger," the Foreign Ministry said.
In its statement, the ministry said that the International Community is waiting for quick and tough reaction by the US to punish the elements involved in the measure.

Iran also called for the US to offer apology to the Islamic World over the insult.

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