Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Nahida the exiled Palestinian
She was lying on the floor 
Injured and hurting

I saw her crying 
 I saw her eyes
I felt her pain 

Her hands tied behind her back
Her feet shackled to the ground

Her hair shaved 
Her face blistered
Her body bruised 
Her nails pulled out 

She pleaded for a break
A moment of stillness 
A moment of silence
A moment of nothingness
A moment of death even 
Or just a wheelchair 

Warlocks in black encircled her
Intoxicated with their "chosen-ness"
They danced and twirled around her shadow 

Revamped, manicured, suit-wearing cannibals 
Drooled over her heart
Eyes rolling 
Salivating over their supper-to-be 

A stone-soldier stood by 
No tongue, no heart, no eyes 
In his hand I saw the knife that carved out her heart

 Trembling, I came closer 
She was still breathing
Her frayed heart still throbbing 

She is ALIVE

I wept of pain
I wept of joy

My salty tears rubbed deep into her wounds
She jumped 
Kneeling down, I whispered something in her ear

She gasped for life 
Looked at me 
Eyes sparkled with a grin 
She knew
The birth of her baby is near

 Her soul bounced back 
Vigorous, buoyant, whole again
and Stunningly Beautiful 

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