Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Crime and (No) Punishment

by Daniel Mabsout

Saturday, June 16th, 2012
What is perpetuating the crimes against people in Syria is the misinformation about what is really happening, in addition to the altering of news, ‘the hiding of facts and the lying. All this dubious behavior on behalf of the corporate media and the multiple human rights organizations, is covering for the real criminal on the ground and allowing him to perpetrate his crimes

There is nothing that will encourage a criminal to escalate his criminal actions more than accusing another of the crime he is committing. It is for this reason the crimes against the Syrians are continuing, because most of the media, governments and organizations are attributing the crimes to the ones who did not commit them so as to allow the real criminals to resume their hateful actions.
"The now widely known fabricator Khaled abo Salah posted on his facebook account
pictures claiming to be the massacre, while in fact it is from the massacre of
Karm Al Zaitoun made by the terrorist fundamentalist gangs of the
Free Syrian Army, with their signatures on the walls.."
Nothing prevents organizations like Amnesty International from knowing the truth. The truth is obvious and is not hiding; but organizations like Amnesty, and media outlets like CNN and BBC and others are hiding it.

Why are journals like the Independent, for example, publishing the facts as they are?

Why does the Independent say that the rebels are coming from neighbouring countries and are being supplied with all sorts of weapons from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Qatar and helped on the ground by the Turkish secret services of Milli Istihbarat Teskilati (MIT)?

Why is it that the Independent knows and others do not know?

The answer is simple – the others want these crimes to continue and to protect the criminal.

These organizations are very dangerous and are doing the greatest mischief on the ground, playing a game that is very dirty and very threatening. Beneath the garb of humanity and human rights, there is nothing humane in their endeavour, it is all dirty politics and in the great powers’ interests, using the suffering of the people to implement agendas specific to the World Order, which is worst of all.

Today Amnesty is calling for a chat on line concerning Syria. What a shame! As if people’s lives could be argued and debated on line by the ones covering for the criminals and catering for their crimes!

They will bring democracy and freedom to Syria the same way they were brought to Palestine, Iraq and Libya. As if anything good could come from the UN or Amnesty or NGOs!

The UN is a warmonger! One only need look at what it did to Libya and to Kaddhafi, and before that to Iraq and Palestine.

The observers sent to Syria are walking hand in hand with the armed rebels; some of them are there on a spying mission, trying to track down Syrian army headquarters. Not long ago, the UNIFIL was sent to south Lebanon in order to spy on the Resistance, not to forget the famous Special Tribunal For Lebanon, of the infamous international court, that is accusing Hizbullah of killing Hariri when the primary suspects, who are the Israelis, have not even been questioned or investigated.

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