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Eye on The Enemy: "Israel" Threatens World Peace More than Syria

Global Peace Index, issued by the American Australian Institute for Economics and Peace, ranked "Israel" in the forefront of countries that pose a threat to world peace and ranked 150 in the index. It is noteworthy that the Institute "GPI" is an international non-profit organization specialized in studying the security situation in the world through scientific tools and publishes an annual report since 2007.

According to its report for year 2012, it has been shown that only eight countries, out of 158 countries are more threatening than "Israel" to world peace, including the countries of the Middle East; Iran ranked 128, Lebanon ranked 136, and then Egypt 111, and Syria is ranked 147 in spite of the massacres being committed daily, as it has declined from rank 41 from last year, but "Israel" precedes it by three ranks.

Countries were classified in descending order according to 23 examined negative fields that pose a threat to peace in general, i.e. the proportion of murders and crime, relations with neighboring countries, the power of the army, export of arms, number of soldiers, and the volume of heavy weapons owned by the state as well.

The index classified Somalia in the last rank 158, as the most dangerous country for world peace for the third consecutive year, and then followed by Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, North Korea, Republic of Central Africa, "Israel", and later in the list, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Kuala Lumpur, Yemen, India, Georgia and Zimbabwe.


Livni: Next Elections, No Kadima
Army Radio

Tzipi Livni, attended the seminar of the Ministry of Information in Herzliya, to talk about the illegality of "Israel" in the world and ways to face it, but an occasional note from the public changed everything. During her speech, someone from the audience asked her: "Will Kadima join the government?" as a reference to the new elections. Livni, who was the leader of this party less than three months ago, responded without hesitation: "Kadima will not participate in new elections."

So what does that mean? Was it a vague skit? Or perhaps Livni is cooking something new - for example, a new party with Haim Ramon, who also withdrew from Kadima less than a month ago? Recently, Livni herself is trying to create the image of a "simple worker" for herself, which has been done previously, but she is now investing more in this regard.

MK Ze'ev Bielski said in response, "Livni was one of the founders of the party and she is still a member as I hope she will be present again in the future among its ranks - but I have a different estimate." In an interview at our show "Poker Tov Yisrael" With Micah Friedman, Bielski said: "Elections will be held in a year and a half, during which the public who voted for Kadima, will realize that this party will be serving the State of "Israel"." "We will find an alternative to the Tal Law, and we will change the approach of the government, "and he pledged that" Kadima is a primary party that will contribute to the State of "Israel" and the "Israeli" government".

In the meantime, the President of the Coalition in Likud, Ze'ev Alkene, who seems to be concerned about his office, asked for the forgiveness of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Last week, Alkene voted in favor of the Organization Act, which angered the prime minister and his men, who are more likely to dismiss him.

Such dismissal requires a secret voting session in the Likud bloc. Alkene depended on the freedom of vote given to him, but he is still so far from those who are struggling against Netanyahu's position. Alkene wanted to apologize in the meeting of the bloc, but it was canceled due to the abuse of the prime minister. Therefore, the two met yesterday, when he admitted his guilt. He said, " If the words that I said last week, were interpreted as an abuse against you, Prime Minister, I apologize, it was not my intention, "and continued, " I will take advantage of this meeting in order to apologize in case my words were understood as a personal abuse or interpreted as such. "

MEP: Gush Dan Shelters, All Contaminated
Ynet- Amir Ben David

The examination done by the "Israeli" Ministry of Environmental Protection of the shelters in Gush Dan and Sharon raised a big concern, since taking refuge at these shelters is expected to cause real damage. In real-time shelters are supposed to protect us, but in almost all shelters that have been tested, toxic and carcinogenic elements were found in the air. The Ministry of Environmental Protection examined 179 shelters, and in 177 of them, hazardous materials were found. 10% of these shelters had amounts of toxic substances that exceeded the expected rate that causes a short-time damage.

The screening process took place in the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Holon, Beth Am, Herzliya and Ramat Hasharon. Toxic or carcinogenic materials were not found in only one shelter in Holon and another in Beth Am. In contrast, in seven shelters in Ramat Hasharon, four in Tel Aviv, and two in Holon and one each from other cities, large enormous quantities of carcinogens and toxic materials were found. 

MEP: Gush Dan Shelters, All Contaminated
Ynet- Amir Ben David

Ministry agents who carried out the examination said it is difficult to ascertain whether the materials came to the shelter are a result of terrestrial gases leakage or due to equipment and other materials stored in or near them. However, they recommend conducting tests on the same shelters to determine the terrestrial gases.

In the years 2008-2012 agents in the Ministry of Environmental Protection shelters of Tel Aviv scanned the areas for fear of contamination. A disturbing picture resulted from the examination will be published in the next issue of the journal "Ecology."

Source: Hebrew Papers
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