Monday, 25 June 2012

The Living Martyr

by Daniel Mabsout
Sunday, June 24th, 2012   

Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah

Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah (God bless him) along with the Resistance freedom fighters has achieved something that rarely could be achieved, something that cannot be forgiven by the International Community and by the World Order, something that happens rarely in history, something memorable and of great impact, he has achieved victory of righteousness over colonialism and imperialism and globalization, and similar victories (or defeats) are not so frequent in history.
Some people tend to restrict this victory to a certain religion and a certain sect or a certain country or Arab countries or to the Ummah: this is not so, and even if the Muslims, the Lebanese, the Arabs benefited from this victory, this was not a restricted victory, for this victory included all. It included all people seeking justice and believing in justice, all people could partake in the triumphant endeavor and triumphant achievement of the Muqawama (armed resistance), for this it belongs to all, an applicable example to all oppressed people and freedom fighters of the world. To the Natives and Indigenous and Africans and Aboriginals and all the original people and creatures of this world, an example that cost many, many sacrifices therefore a real model, because this victory is also that of truthfulness, of commitment, of courage, of faith, of confidence and determination, of a whole set of values that the super powers and the world establishments are every second violating.
All these attributes won victory, they came to the front page and occupied the headlines. Without this victory, these values – which are the essence of life – would not have been materialized, without fighting for them they would have remained mere words to be repeated or praised, but the Muqawama paid the heavy price for these values to remain alive, this was not the story of just liberating the land and restoring the integrity of the country, Lebanon has retrieved its dignity above all, the dignity that comes from being up to these values; there is much more to this victory than the mere defeat of the enemy and much more for man and humanity as such to reap and enjoy in terms of justice and equity, a real treasure that shall more and more unfold in front of many.

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