Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ngo, Friend Or Foe?

by Daniel Mabsout

Monday, June 25th, 2012
Daniel Mabsout
The least one could say about NGOs nowadays is that they operate dangerous infiltrations into a given society and present a threat to its unity and solidarity. What is more dangerous is the fact that NGOs are now trying to practice a sort of patronage of the Palestinian cause by trying to embrace and promote certain aspects of the Palestinian cause most recently that of the prisoners.

These NGOs cannot be trusted for the simple reason that they are financed by states and governments and institutes that follow policies of their own. It is dangerous that NGOs start playing a major role and replace the owners of the cause and the ones directly implicated in it.
In his last speech Sheikh Na’im Kassem of Hizbullah repeated the fact that armed Resistance is the choice and the righteous choice if we want to liberate the land and retrieve the rights. Everything should revolve around this Resistance and the weapons will never be relinquished. The Resistance will remain fully equipped fully ready to meet any challenge.

Sheikh Kassem was speaking at the conference of the Non Governmental Organizations for supporting the Palestinians organized by Dr. Zahra Mostafavi -daughter of Imam Khomeini.

Sheikh Kassem defined the role of these organizations as supportive of the armed Resistance and subordinate to it and deriving their importance from this support while the major role will have to be played by the armed Resistance-and none else- around which will revolve all the other activities.

In other words the NGOs will have to serve the Resistance and the Resistance will have to serve the goal.
Now if we compare this statement- on behalf of Sheikh Kassem -with what is actually happening on the ground we notice that practically none of the NGOs working on the ground in western countries is openly supportive of the armed Resistance that defeated Israel and liberated the land, and it is worthwhile mentioning that most of these NGOs seem to be – on the contrary – against the armed Resistance. Because of this, one has to ask the following question:

If these NGOs are not supportive of the Resistance, then what are they supportive of ?? and what is their role in promoting the cause and what results do they hope to achieve?

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