Friday, 15 June 2012

Once upon a time, I lived in Heaven

Once upon a time 
When I was a little girl
My dreams were wild and colourful 
 Just like my hair

Like all boys and girls

I grew inside a rose

When I was a little girl
I played around
Floating over waterlilies
Bouncing in the shadow of poppies
Hiding under garden leaves
and in my grandma's shawl
Gathering stars 

Thumbelina I was called, by my fairy friends
 Who often hovered around the hills of  Beit Iksa, where angels dwell

 Chasing lilac footsteps of my fairy friends
 Fluttering my wings,
 I flew up up and away 
To the high peak of Nabi Samuel

 Up there
 Close to Heaven
Overwhelmed with the magic of our existence 
 Astounded by our awareness
 Full of adoration 

We all fall down 
 Faces to the ground
Praising the One who bestowed upon us
The wondrous gift of life 

 At twilight, I made my way down
 rolling in a cylinder can 
Heading to the home of my grandfather

 Under a blanket of sacredness 
 Little children gathered

 Hearts pounding
Eyes open wide
 Listening to my grandfather stories
Of men, women and children
 With lives of purity
And hearts of gold

 In the stillness of the night
 We could hear the echo of prophets chanting
 Issa, Musa and Muhammed
 Hymning psalms of Dawoud 
 Praying side by side

 Enchanted by the grace of Maryam and her son
 Bewildered by tales of Yunus, Yahya and Suleiman

 We closed our eyes 
Slipping into wilderness of dreamland 
Where kindness grow on trees 
 Goodness covers the ground 
And love falls from sky
Tantalizing, jut like rain


Colourful words echoed around

 YES . . .

 Once upon a time 

 I lived in HEAVEN

 Nostalgic, I recall


wmmccall said...

God bless you, Nahida, you and your fellow opresses Palestinians. You will prevail because good is on your side.

wmmccall said...

God bless you Nahida, you and your fellow oppressed Palestinians. You will prevail because good and right are on your side.