Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Russia to Deliver Air Defense Systems to Syria

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Moscow said on Wednesday it would deliver air defense systems to Damascus, adding it had no lans to impose an arms embargo on Syria despite growing pressure from the West.
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"Russia has obligations before Syria relating to old contracts -- contracts that were signed in 2008 and were later followed by new ones on air defense systems," the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation's deputy chief Vyacheslav Dzirkaln said.

"They are being fulfilled and they will be fulfilled," he told Russian news agencies on the sidelines of the Farnborough Airshow near London.

"But we are not signing any new contracts at this stage," the senior arms export official added in comments echoing ones he had made earlier in the week.

Dzirkaln said Russia's decision not to sign new contracts with Syria while the fighting continued in no way spelled a shift in policy or a decision by Moscow to comply with a Western arms embargo of (President Bashar) Assad's regime.
"One cannot possibly speak of us imposing an arms or military technology embargo on Syria," Dzirkaln was quoted as saying.
Source: AFP
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