Monday, 30 July 2012

Syrian Army Clears Most of Aleppo of Insurgents

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Armed forces clear neighborhoods in Aleppo and Damascus countryside from terrorist groups
Humat Addiyar  clear neighborhoods in Aleppo and
Damascus countryside from terrorist groups
Syrian security forces have cleansed the Salahuddin and Hamdaniya neighborhoods in the northwestern city of Aleppo of armed insurgents.
The Syrian army said on Monday that most of the city is now under its control after clashes continued over the past few days.
But reports have said that the army soldiers were slowly entering the city due to snipers on rooftops of the Aleppo buildings.
Fighting also continued in the southern district of Sokari and the central neighborhood of Bab al-Hadid.

Since the Syrian military operation began last week, Syrian troops have inflicted heavy losses on the insurgents in Dara’a, south of the capital Damascus.

According to US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta the operation of Syria’s Aleppo could bring an end to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
صورة: حلب الشهباء عصية على الأعداء‏
Free Nato Army
"If they continue this kind of tragic attack on their own people in Aleppo, I think it ultimately will be a nail in Assad's coffin,” he said as he flew to Tunis on the start of a five-day trip to build military relations with the emerging governments in Tunisia, Egypt and the Zionist entity.

"What Assad has been doing to his own people and what he continues to do to his own people makes clear that his regime is coming to an end. It's lost all legitimacy," he added.
But Panetta gave no indication that the United States plans to take any new action against Syria.

He said the key was to continue increasing economic and diplomatic pressure on the Assad government.

Later this the week, the defense secretary is scheduled to travel to Palestinian occupied territories, where he will meet with Israeli leaders. On the agenda will likely be Iran's nuclear program and the possibility of an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, something the Obama administration has wanted to prevent.

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