Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chechen Fighters Join Syrian Extremist Rebels


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No doubt the Syrian arena has turned to a field for armed men, particularly "al-Qaeda" and extremists, from all over the globe.

This time, the KavkazCenter website revealed Wednesday that "the son of a late Chechen field commander who waged two post-Soviet wars against Russian forces has been killed while fighting with the rebels in Syria."

The so-called Russian Islamist website, linked to "al-Qaeda" announced that "Rustam Gelayev, son of former warlord Ruslan Gelayev, entered into a battle with superior forces of the regime in a Syrian district, presumably between August 11 and August 13."

"During the fighting, he was martyred," claimed the website, which is regularly used by Russian-based extremist militants to exchange information and has developed a history of providing accurate battlefield reports.

The elder Gelayev was one of the top commanders in Chechnya's first war that killed tens of thousands between 1994 and 1996.

KavkazCenter said the younger Gelayev was born in 1988 and had lived for a most of his life in Russia before receiving an extremist education in an unnamed Middle East country.

He came to Syria in the summer, said the website, citing unnamed sources and members of the Chechen diaspora in Europe.

"Son of the Chechen 'Emir' Ruslan Gelayev, Rustam Gelayev martyred (Insha'Allah) in fighting in Syria"

I think Moscow is close to leaning Washington's way on Syria! NOT!

"...KC sources report that the son of the Chechen Emir Khamzat (aka Ruslan) Gelayev, Rustam Gelayev, was martyred (Insha'Allah) in fighting in Syria. Information on the martyrdom of Rustami Gelayev have also been reported by some sources among the Chechen diaspora in Europe.

Sources report that Rustam Gelayev was the eldest son of the Chechen Emir, who martyred (Insha'Allah) a few years ago, from his first marriage with a Russian girl, ... Some time ago, Rustam Gelayev left for Islamic education to one of the Middle East countries. In early summer, with a group of volunteers, he arrived in Syria to take part in battles against the Alawite militias.

According to sources, presumably between 11 and 13 of August 2012, a squad of Rustam Gelayev entered into a battle with the superior forces of the Alawite regime in a Syrian district. During the fighting, he was martyred (Insha'Allah). Rustam Gelayev's body was taken from Syria and delivered to Chechnya, where he was buried on 17 August 2012." Department of Monitoring Kavkaz Center

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