Monday, 27 August 2012

Erdugan's Zionist Ties

The Turkish Shameless state led by Erdugan is not ashamed to abduct people on the ground of their religious belonging , while pretending to work on spreading democracy in Syria. This is what the Turkish state did by kidnapping- 3 months ago- 11 Lebanese citizens on their way back from Iran where they were performing pilgrimage only because they are Shi’as .

This tells how “civilized the Turkish rulers are and how civilized they have always been , not to forget that beside the Europeans and the Israelis Turkey is the only eastern country guilty of committing genocide against other cultures or religions by killing thousands of Armenians more than a hundred years ago, for this reason the Turkish affinities with the Israelis go without saying .

Yesterday -after 3 months of detention- one Lebanese hostage was released by the Turkish officials after some of the Lebanese families kidnapped two Turkish citizens on Lebanese soil hoping to exchange them against their kidnapped relatives . This language the Turkish officials and coward Erdugan understand very well.

The Lebanese hostage called Hussain ‘Ali ‘Omar was released but he was released on condition that he wears a necktie that represents the Turkish flag
and on condition that he praises his abductors and their high sense of hospitality . T

he released hostage did all this willingly, not because he is fond of Turks -of course- but because he seeks the safety and the release of the other ten Lebanese citizens who are still held in captivity.

Of course pet Erdugan- described by the Israelis themselves as "a dog who barks but never bites"- is sending a message to the Lebanese people through the necktie of the hostage , this letter is an Israeli letter interpreting which the Lebanese are supposed to become pets like Erdugan himself , pets to the world order and Israelis .

If this necktie tells something, it tells how Erdugan is treated by Israelis and how he treats his own people in return . Once the Lebanese kidnapped are safely back home , the fate of the necktie is too well known, and once Syria triumphs of its enemies, the fate of Erdugan is too well known . Our message- as Lebanese-is: We did not defeat the Israelis twice to bow down to the necktie of the defeated Sultan.

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