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"Israel": Lebanon to Fall into Civil War, Hizbullah to Remain Strong

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"Israeli" media and press circles were predicting an all-out civil war in Lebanon this week as fighting continues to rage in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

As clashes continue in the Northern Lebanese capital, "Israel" entered on line of agitating the situation by predicting that Lebanon will fall into the quagmire of civil war via the Syria crisis gate.

"The Syrian civil war has indeed and unprecedentedly infiltrated into Lebanon, and this time it appears to last. It will not stop so long as the Syrian crisis continues," Channel 10 of "Israeli" news quoted unnamed "Israeli" political sources as saying.

"The fall of [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad's regime would lead to a new era in Lebanon which will fluctuate between civil war and semi-stable security," the source added.
A Lebanese chaos that might reach to the extent of civil war is an oft-repeated prophecy told by "Israeli" politicians, particularly since the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.
Tank Monument, commemorating the Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990, Beirut, Lebanon, Middle East, Asia
Lebanon's civil war of 1975 to 1990 provided fertile ground for "Israeli" intervention, with the Zionist entity state invading the country from 1978 until well after the civil war in 2000. The "Israeli" occupation covered half the state at its peak in 1982.

A new study released by the so-called the "Israeli" National Security Studies Center in Tel Aviv concluded that "it would be inaccurate to consider that Lebanon survived the Arab spring, and regional shifts have definitely taken their toll on the country".

Noting that Syrian events "which are unlikely to end any time soon, affect Lebanon negatively on many levels including economy, security and national unity".

"The fall of al-Assad's regime would certainly weigh heavily on Lebanon, since the departure of Assad and his group from the political scene would reshape the political map in Lebanon, and give those who led the "Cedar Revolution", new-found strength and confidence," the study added.
However, "Israel" predicts that Hizbullah will face all challenges and remain strong despite the turmoil surrounding it.
NY Times: Syria Provides Hezbollah with 10 Scud-D Missiles
"Hizbullah will not suffer from losing its Syrian ally. In the event of the regime's fall, Hizbullah will certainly overcome this crisis relying on its military superiority, its strategic partnership with Iran, and its ability to adapt to any new variables and circumstances that may arise."
"Israel's" Channel 1 cited a recent article by Britain's "The Times", quoting an official Israeli source stating that "Syria had provided Hizbullah with Scud-D missiles", without determining "when these missiles had been transferred."

The channel's military correspondent, Amir Bar Shalom, added that "the United States and "Israel" have been tracking Syrian weapons warehouses, over the past three months, and President Obama's warning that using Syrian chemical weapons would be crossing the line, is no coincidence, since there are training bases in Syria where members of Hizbullah are trained to operate these missiles."

The "Israeli" financial daily Globes also said the Syrian regime had acquired the Russian Yakhont (SSN-26) advanced shore-to-sea missile.

""Israel's" military establishment fears that amongst all the chaos in Syria and the crumbling of the regime in Damascus, such advanced weapons systems may fall into the hands of extremist Islamist terror groups like al-"Qaeda", which is deepening its activities in Syria," said Globes.

Source: al-Akhbar, Edited by 
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