Saturday, 25 August 2012

It was only yesterday ...


... that many in Lebanon, especially in 2006' when Israel aggressed Lebanon, started saying that they have had it with Lebanon having to pay the dearest in lives & treasure in the Arab-Israeli conflict, ...  
and even some went so far as asking the rhetorical question, "seriously, what did Israel do to us?", totally discarding the monumental & many decades' old plight of the Palestinian People, & the cruel history of Lebanon's experience with that usurping huge settlement called israel...
Basically, they (Culture of Life) were saying that Lebanon is suffering economically from Israeli aggressions BUT mostly, from the insolence of 'some' (Culture of Death) who decided to stand up and resist. The sectarian schism between the 'moderate pragmatists' & the 'insolent resisters' saw the most major plates shift since the War on Iraq! 
TODAY, the SAME 'moderate pragmatists' who were all about 'Lebanon First', Love Of Life, reconstruction, business opportunities & 'stability-uber alles', have taken upon themselves to bring down the regime of a neighboring Arab country, even if that risked generating spasms of regional & sectarian clashes.
'Life-Lovers in Tripoli'

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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