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Leader Receives Ban: UN Dominated by Tyrannical Powers That Possess Nuclear Arms

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As his eminence received UN Chief Ban Ki-moon, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the Islamic Republic has been using nuclear energy for peaceful aims.
Imam Khamenei Ban
The Leader also urged the United Nations to not pull punches on total nuclear disarmament, saying that the international organization was dominated by tyrannical powers which possess nuclear weapons.

On the Syrian issue, Imam Khamenei stressed that the Islamic Republic was ready to play positive role in resolving the ongoing conflict, saying that the solution lies in halting arms smuggling to the armed groups which his eminence described as irresponsible.


“The Islamic Republic of Iran insists on (its) stance (regarding the establishment of) a Middle East free of nuclear weapons, and the United Nations should make serious efforts to allay the current concerns about nuclear weapons,” the Leader told Ban who is in Tehran to attend Non Aligned Movement states summit.

“Do not show leniency toward any power in regard to the issue of nuclear disarmament and properly use the opportunity that has been provided to you.”

“Unfortunately, the (structure) of the United Nations is flawed, and the most tyrannical powers in the world, which possess nuclear weapons and have a record of using them, have dominated the United Nation,” the Leader added.

As he said that the US was “aware that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons and are only seeking pretexts,” his eminence stressed that the Islamic Republic had cooperated with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“The agency, according to its regulations, is obliged to help the Islamic Republic of Iran scientifically and technically. But the International Atomic Energy Agency has not only not done so, but is also taking obstructive measures.”


Imam Khamenei BanConcerning the Syrian crisis, the Leader said that the Islamic Republic, “according to its beliefs and religious teachings, is ready to make every effort to help resolve the Syrian crisis.”

“But the resolution of the Syrian crisis has one (reasonable) condition, which is the prevention of the shipment of weaponry to irresponsible groups in Syria,” he added.
“The bitter truth about Syria is that a number of governments have compelled the groups opposing the Syrian government to engage in a war with the Syrian government on their behalf,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

He went on to say that the same government that provoked such a war in Syria “prevented the implementation of Mr. Kofi Annan’s plan and prevented the plan from coming to fruition.”
He added, “As long as this very dangerous plan (is pursued) by certain governments in Syria, Syria’s situation will not change.”


For his part, Ban told Imam Khamenei that "concrete" progress is needed to end the showdown over Iran’s nuclear program.

According to Ban’s spokesman, Martin Nesirky, the UN Chief called for "concrete steps to address the concerns of the International Atomic Energy Agency and to prove to the world that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes."

He also emphasized Iran’s “very important” and “influential” status in the region.

“In regard to Syria, I, as the secretary general of the United Nations, ask Iran to pave the way for the resolution of the Syrian crisis through using its influence and power,” Ban said according to the Persian service of the Leader’s website,
Source: Agencies
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