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The human beings of the Jewish faith and other faiths also and races that were tortured and killed in Europe are not different to us from those that were tortured and killed in Palestine and Lebanon ; their cause is the human cause and we ask for justice for them equally...

.“We support the Palestinian cause not because the Palestinians are Muslim and we are Muslim , but because it is a just cause and we support all just causes”...The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beirut , Lebanon

The establishment of the state of Israel was the concurrence of many inauspicious dreams , one of them belonged to the religious institution of the west and was about getting hold of the birth place of Jesus and thus establishing their lost legality and authenticity .

Another was about getting hold of the birth place of the Prophet of Islam and controlling and diverting the cultural threat of Islam 

The establishment of the state of Israel made many victims , the first victims were definitely the Jews . There was a necessity of a massive pretext , and as in Syria today the non-governmental organisations and movements -worked for it . It is not only German Nazi that was inimical to Jews . All Europe practiced this segregation towards the Jewish community and what the Nazis did is push this enmity further .

Ousting the Jews must have been the dream of many Europeans that materialized in the incarceration of the Jews in Nazi Germany .The Nazis wanted the expulsion of the Jews outside their lands and outside of Europe which they wanted to invade and dominate. To carry on their scheme they found the Zionist movement ready to cater to their desire , The Zionist movement who had started at the turn of the twentieth century hijacked the righteous cause of the Jews to make it serve on one hand the German Nazis and on the other the colonialist Europeans . This is something over which the two inimical parties namely the Axis and the Alliance agreed upon for different reasons particular to each , and which the Zionist movement played upon. Whereas the German Nazis wanted to get rid of all Jews once for all whom they thought could not become an integral part of the empire they wanted to build , the European colonialists wanted to expand and colonize and use the Jews as a convenience to carry on their project and become guards and soldiers of the advanced military base they wanted to establish since long in the Arab region , creating a Muslim Jewish conflict which would not harm the image of the Christian west and hinder its cultural expansion .

The whole deal was concluded over the heads of the victims of European racism by the heads of Zionist organizations that worked on both sides probably thinking like good business men that the suffering of their brothers could be exploited and invested into . This is what they did , by playing the same role that the NGOs are playing now in the Arab springs using a just cause to carry on their ambitions and foreign policies . Instead of working on solving the Jewish problem in the place where is it manifesting and spreading ie : Europe, and fighting for the removal of segregation and struggling for justice to the killed ones , the Zionist organizations poured oil over fire and tried to solve the problem in a way that serves European colonial interests and at the expense of their people , their martyrs and other peoples and other nations .

These other people and other nations represent the second victims of the joined action of European colonialism and the Zionist organizations ie : the Palestinians and Arabs who had their land usurped and their houses taken and their brothers and sisters killed . Therefore the political organizations who monopolized the suffering of their people pretending to represent their needs and exploited their cause to serve European colonialist interests and their own material ambitions are Zionist by definition, Just think how many Arab , foreign and world organizations are doing this and acting thus right now.

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