Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Open Invitation

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Amidst the fog of deception spewed by the Jewish-Talmudic-Zionist Hasbara agents;
 Here is a warm and open invitation to all of mankind, and that is to face the confusion head on….

 Please EDUCATE yourselves about ISLAM .

For the sake of Humanity
For the sake of Love
For the sake of Life
For the sake of Truth
 For the sake of the future of our planet
For the sake of our children .

Make the effort to learn about Islam, Muslims and the prophet of Islam, from authentic sources.
 Do not swallow the lies of Zionist media and do not be afraid of knowledge. .

Take this extra mile and cut the rope of deceit designed to strangle humanity by fomenting hate and pushing for “Armageddon” with a nuclear war against Muslims.

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