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One Voice with Crowds, Sayyed Nasrallah: At Your Service, Oh Mohammad

Batoul Wehbe

A huge demonstration organized by Hezbollah in protest against an anti-Islam film on Monday was crowned by the public appearance of Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah which was a great rare surprise.

Hundreds of thousands of people took streets of southern Beirut's suburb (Dahiyeh) to answer Sayyed Nasrallah's call on Sunday to denounce a film insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed in a huge "Loyalty to Prophet Mohammad rally".

Tens of thousands are marching in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 17, 2012, following calls for massive demos issued by Hezbollah chief, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah (Screenshot AP video)

Crowds burst with joy with his most preferred words greeting them: "Oh most honorable people, most dignified people, and purest of all, peace be upon you." With these words he first greeted people in the victory ceremony after July 2006 war.

"America, hear us – don′t insult our Prophet!" chant Beirut demonstrators (Screenshot AP video) Screenshot AP video

His eminence began his speech which lasted for less than 15 minutes with thanking people participating in the rally for answering the call of Prophet Mohammad. He also thanked Amal Movement for calling upon its supporters to participate in the series of rallies, the first of which was held today.

The peaceful protest stayed well away from US mission on the city′s northeastern outskirts (AP video still)

Reciting Al-Masad chapter (Sura) from the holy book of Quran, he said: Perdition overtake both hands of Abu Lahab, and he will perish. His wealth and what he earns will not avail him. He shall soon burn in fire that flames, (in reference to the producers of the US-made film), And his wife, the bearer of fuel, Upon her neck a halter of strongly twisted rope.

For the whole world to hear, His eminence asked the crowd to repeat his words after him:

كلمة السيد نصر الله خلال ظهورا المفاجئ في تظاهرة اليوم وفاء لرسول الله"O Messenger of Allah, my blood, family, wealth and everything I was given by God are sacrifices to your dignity, veneration and honor. Let the whole world hear these words, O Prophet, we die for you, my soul and my blood are at your service. Allah is a witness to what we say, the blood of our martyrs, the wounds of our injured, our demolished homes all witness, we will sacrifice everything for your sake O Prophet."

السيد نصر الله في مسيرة الولاء للرسول محمد "The whole world must understand our deep relationship with our Prophet, because some didn't realize so far the extent of insult through some scenes of this film. They have slandered His Quran, biography and Islam through 12-minutes part of the film. What will happen if they show the whole film?"

Sayyed Nasrallah demanded that the film no longer be shown over the internet and called for people to boycott internet websites that insist on showing it. "America must understand that releasing the entire film will have dangerous, very dangerous, repercussions around the world."

من المسيرة المنتفضة لكرامة الرسول الأعظم(ص)
"All our people and governments must put pressure on the international community to issue international and national laws incriminating insults against our prophets and the three world religions," the S.G. said, referring to Christianity, Islam and Judaism. "The failure of the Islamic Ummah to defend Prophet Mohammad is slackness in their duty towards Him. It leaves the door open for future abuses," he added.

His eminence stressed that the rally today was not a temporal action, but the beginning of a series of serious movement that should persist.

"This is our responsibility and I tell you that your reward Allah will be so great you loyals, the lovers of Imam Hussein (AS). Let the whole world know that our crowds which they see on the tenth day of Muharram with our screams "Labayka ya Hussein" (we're at your service, oh Hussein) and all this patience is in defense of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. So, let no one imagine that we would tolerate this battle."

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