Wednesday, 17 October 2012


The thing cannot be hidden anymore , democracy might be celebrated on many a site, the media might praise the so called Arab springs but things cannot be hidden anymore and the intentions of the world establishment have become clearer and clearer . Everyday that elapses brings along with it more truths revealed about the kind of insanity that has struck the administrators of this planet . The scheme not only involves invading and sacking countries- but infiltrating societies from within, and working on undermining these societies- deliberately. This world order considering itself the reference and embodiment of the human values ,like democracy freedom and human rights , is working on the differences that these societies naturally present and is isolating all social groups setting them all against one another -at different times- according to sectarian, religious, gender, ethnic and other differences .

The attention has shifted now from Gaza to Syria because Gaza -by not taking a clear stand regarding the attack on Syria – is out of this round of the game and is joining now the chorus that asks Assad to leave and has ended the state of siege temporarily and maybe only virtually , by making agreements with Israel through Turkey, Qatar ,and the Palestinian authority and partaking thus in the besieging of Syria .

The flotilla movements and convoys are no more relevant since Gaza has changed side and Syria has become- instead- the place under siege. It is Syria where the battle of Palestine and human integrety is being fought , that is throwing light on all that is happening world wide. Neither Gaza nor Jerusalem , but Syria is now moving under siege , separating , uniting ,revealing the real schemes of the world order , showing the involvement of the Arab league and NATO and UN and Muslim Arab Zionists of the Gulf regimes and the involvement of the world media and NGO’s and the role of the armed thugs or the hired killers and Turkey’s involvement with Israel and the CIA , not to speak of each country’s role and position.

It is Syria that is drawing the world map today , and it is to Syria that peace activists should look and turn their faces . Such peace activists will not need to take foods or goods , they will need to break the communications and information siege rather than the material one , and that siege is the siege of the truth regarding what is happening in Syria that is being camouflaged and distorted and misinterpreted by the vastest media campaign ever witnessed against a country .

Committed peace activists – like Ken O’Keefe- whose main role –was not and should not be limited to material aid for the besieged , nor to Trade Not Aid – but was rather to communicate the truth concerning Gaza , and connect the world with Gaza- where the human cause and condition was on display- and to prevent imperialism and colonialism from feeding on people’s ignorance , should continue to do so regarding the Syrian matter.

There is one place where truth is challenged nowadays and this place is Syria today , tomorrow who knows where ? And since the primary task of Ken O’Keefe and similar activists has been to connect and communicate the truth of what is happening to the human being under attack and siege , and since this task continued even during the abduction of the mission in terms of identifying such abduction and the forces behind it , this same task is calling brother Ken and activists like him to the place where the Palestinian , Syrian and human truth is besieged and highly threatened and this place is Syria no doubt.

..So finally what the usurpers of the” Aloha Mission” say out of blindness : that ” no one wants Ken O’Keefe in Gaza” has a hidden meaning that is unknown to them . It is a call From Syria : Syria wants Ken O’Keefe .

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