Tuesday, 6 November 2012

فتن كقطع الليل المظلم

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian
فتن كقطع الليل المظلم

 حين يقاتل المسلم أخاه

 بدل أن يقاتل أعداء الاسلام الحقيقين

الذين يعبدون أنفسهم

ويعيثون في الأرض فساداً

Listening to Zionist stooges like this person, I ask: will the Zionist "October surprise" next FALSE FLAG target Mekka/ Ka'aba during Hajj or Eid-Aladha and blame it on Iran to ignite a catastrophic sectarian war between Shia'a and Sunni Muslims to justify a full invasion and destruction of Iran?

Comment by Alex
I would add to above Videos posted by Sister Nahida the following.
Unfortunatley, this Zionist stooge is not an isolated voice, read this well-known Journalist, revealing his sectarian zionist color, saying the same:
"I know that some (Shiit's) religious authorities dream of the day when they would be able to take control of the Kaaba (the holiest place in Islam in Makka), which would enable them to unearth the Prophet tomb extricate the bones of Abu Bakr and Omar ibn al Khatab in order to burn them to avenge the “grievances of the House of the Prophet.
Many people may understandably relate to such matters rather sarcastically. Others might argue that these are far-fetched vagaries and mythology that can only be the product of infinitely sick minds.
Yes, this may well be the case. But this doesn’t mean that for millions of people, who blindly heed instructions from their religious clerics, these ghoulish designs are far from being far fetched; they are actually plans for the future, even manuals for action.
Unfortunately, there is a preponderance of ill-will that keeps coming from the Iranian and Shiite religious establishment, which gives rise to and justify Sunni fears and suspicions...."
"...Iranians, and Shiites in general, who curse Yazid, the son of Muawiya, nonstop for his alleged responsibility for the murder more 1370 years ago of Imam Husein, the Prophet’s grandson and God-like figure in Shiite Islam, are decidedly and doggedly siding with the Yazid of Damascus, whose Shabbiha or thugs are carrying out pornographic, Nazi-like atrocities against the Sunni people of Syria for daring to demand freedom and dignity from one of the most evil tyrannies under the sun...."

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