Friday, 12 October 2012

British Cannibalism/Savage Native and Humanitarian Colonialist ?

Cannibalism became a British obsession , that is how, wherever their ships landed , the settlers accused the Natives of savagery and cannibalism and they have invented tales about this matter that satisfied their egos . Investigating their tales about Native cannibalism will definitely lead to exposing their lies and claims which they used to justify their massacres and their violence and their greed and this is the last thing they want. In fact the truth is that there are English rituals for eating human flesh documented by A.W Brian Simpson from the university of Michigan and who is counselor to Queen Elizabeth since 2001. His book Cannibalism and the Common law was published by Chicago University Press and in it the description of hundreds of banquets celebrated by English and Americans while sailing the ocean , or by colonialists seeking to spread the best of traditions and the most honorable ones while searching for gold in the American west . This caused the law making people to find a terminology suitable to this activity . At the end of the book Mr. Simpson concludes that cannibalism was wide spread among English people of the 17th century when they conquered Jamestown and ate the corpses of the Natives and the corpses of their own companions . This activity –though- developed and prospered with the expansion of the trade exchange and the expansion of colonialism to include all the continents of the earth . Thus Mr. Simpson found many documents about the spread of this phenomenon of cannibalism during Queen Victoria’s rule.

The truth is that the American Court was the first to describe cannibalism as “the Defense of a Necessity “and this in year 1842 after the incident of the ship “ la Mignonette” which sank in year 1884 killing all passengers on board except three men and a teenager who managed to escape on a small boat . But when the men felt hungry they killed the boy Richard Parker and ate him.. After four days a German ship found them and they were tried for killing only because cannibalism is not considered a crime in the Anglo Saxon world .

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