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Children of the Skies

From the beginning, they have coveted Lebanon and its water resources. (Photo: Hasan Bahsoun)

By: Rami Zurayk

Published Sunday, October 21, 2012

From the moment it was founded, “Israel” has been violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and stealing its natural resources. This has led to huge losses over the years.

For example, to this day, large tracts of our land, sown with landmines and cluster bombs by these aggressors, remain fallow, with no one able to reap the benefits of cultivating them. Our orchards have turned barren and our trees bear no fruits.

Our natural gas, which we have not had a sniff of yet, is the subject of a campaign of blackmail and extortion. People in the know say this is being carried out by the Americans on behalf of “our Israel.” Their motto is “gas for ending resistance.”

1983 - May 25, 2000: Disgrace and pride
Our water is also under the mercy of the occupying usurper, who never has and never will be satisfied with the land of Palestine alone. From the beginning, they have coveted Lebanon and its water resources.

Who can forget “Operation Litani” in 1978, whose declared aim was to control the waters of the longest and most abundant river in Lebanon?

Was water not at the heart of the shameful 17 May 1983 agreement, signed during the presidency of Amin Gemayel, who was brought into office with the backing of the Israeli occupation - the same occupation that benefitted some people and groups who have now become the pillars of Lebanon’s political scene?

Do they and their followers and allies understand that Israel is trying to prevent the people of the South from using their fair share of the river waters which spring from this “green and pleasant land,” such as the Hasbani and the Wazzani?

Do they not realize that if the balance of fear - imposed by the Resistance - did not exist, then our land would become a desert, our rivers would dry out and our fields would die?

Do they not know that we were farmers, children of the land, but we have become pilots, children of the skies?

Do they not recognize that we are only patient because we know that the water is ours, the land is ours, the fields are ours, the olives are ours and the sky is ours?

But then we in turn are truly astonished by their audacity when they open their mouths and out comes talk virtually identical to the statements made by the enemy.

We ask you, Ayoub,* to teach us patience and steadfastness, because with you, we are strong.

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* Ayoub is the name of the drone recently launched over Israel by the Resistance. It is also the Arabic name for the prophet Job.

Rami Zurayk is Al-Akhbar's environment columnist and author of the blog Land and People.

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This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

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