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Dagan gets liver transplant from Iran ally Belarus

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On October 16, President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, announced that former Mossad chief Meir Dagan’s recent liver transplant by a Belarus medical team was successful. He also said that Dagan decided to come to Belarus for his treatment as Israel, the US, Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries refused to allow the liver transplant.

Israeli media and Jewish writers in the West have come of some of the most crazy excuses to explain why Dagan was not operated in Israel and the US. The most stupid one is that religious Jews don’t like desecrating a human body after death by autopsy or organ removal. In reality, several rabbis have blessed stealing non-Jews’ body organs to save Jewish life. For example, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh says :”If a Jew needs a kidney, is it allowed, in order to save his life, to take the kidney from a Goy (non-Jew), passing by, even if he is not guilty of anything? In my opinion, Torah allows it. The life of a Jew is priceless“.

Furthermore, Israelis and many American rabbis have been arrested for running human organ harvesting operations. Last year, Israeli-born British Jewish author and jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon, wrote that while the western economies are going down the drain – the Israel economy is growing. Why? Because “Israel is nothing more than a humongous money laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers organised crime and blood diamond traders,wrote Gilad Atzmon.

Dagan and Netanyahu share their Jewish hatred of Arabs, Muslims and Iran. However, Dagan disagree with Netanyahu’s war threats against Iran. He has admitted that Israel Occupation Force (IOF) is not capable of defeating Iran. Contrary to that Israel will suffer unthinkable disaster. Dagan had predicted in 2010 that Iran is not capable of acquiring a nuclear bomb before 2015. In reaction to Dagan’s assessment, Netanyahu’s associates accused the former spy chief of being a “traitor,” “saboteur,” and “gang leader”.

Dagan, born to Russian parents in 1945 on a train while escaping to Poland, is the longest-serving spy chief. Dagan is credited for carrying-out several foreign assassination operations including Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Suleiman, a senior figure in Syrian intelligence and four Iranian scientists. Dagan also lead the bombing of Syria’s nuclear facility under construction in 2007.

While banning 19 Iranian TV channels this week – European Union extended its sanctions against individuals and companies linked to Belarus government for another year. Interestingly, one of reasons for extending the sanctions against Belarus, was – “independent media” – the very “independent media” form Iran, the Zionist-occupied EU couldn’t digest.

The Council again calls upon the Belarusian authorities to stop the harassment of civil society, the political opposition and the independent media,” said a statement by the Council of the European Union, which represents EU member states, after a meeting in Luxembourg of foreign ministers.
Islamic Republic established diplomatic relation with Belarus in 1992. Belarus, as member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) supports Iran’s right to maintain country’s peaceful nuclear program. The Zionist-controlled media has blamed Belarus, a economic and scientifically poor nation of supporting an oil-rich nation Iran in nuclear field.

President Alexander Lukashenko has hosted both Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the past. Lukashenko has also visited Iran and called Iran as a strategic partner.

Since its divorce from USSR, Belarus political system is centered around one personality with little independent media – not much different than the western mainstream media. More than 90% of which is controlled by six pro-Israel Jewish families. On the other hand, the foundation of Islamic Republic politics has a number of power centres openly competing against each other. Iran has a vibrant media market where multiple daily newspapers represent not only views of various factions within the ruling elite but also views of the opposition. While Belarus has not had real elections since 1995, the outcome of Iranian elections is always uncertain and does depend on the voters’ choice.
Belarusians continue to suffer from high incidences of cancer and birth defects, and about 25 percent of the land is considered uninhabitable since the 1986 nuclear disaster at Chornobyl (Chernobyl), just south of Belarus in Ukraine.

Belarus (meaning ‘White Russia’) played a great part in the World Zionist movement. Labor Zionism was founded in Belarus and Minsk held the second convention of Russian Zionists in 1902. Israeli mass-murderers like Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Perez, Rafi Eitan and Chaim Weizmann were all born in Belarus. Currently, there are 50,000 Jews among country’s 10 million population.

The Muslim community (20,000) never reached the strength of that the Jewish population did, but it managed to make a remarkable contribution to Belarusian statehood and culture. Belarus is the only European country where numerous Muslim communities settled peacefully during the 14th-16th centuries. No Muslim army ever came to Belarus.

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