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Eye on the Enemy: Let’s listen well to Nasrallah

Iranian Message behind Ayoub drone: today a drone, tomorrow missiles and warplanes

The secretary general of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tried to prove that the resistance against "Israel" is still active and ongoing. But the real purpose of sending the drone is to say that Iran is trying to create a balance of terror against "Israel" and prove that it doesn't only voice threats; this was the conclusion of the senior intelligence and strategic affairs correspondent in the "Israeli" press, Yossi Melman.

"Hizbullah is worried about a civil war in Syria that would lead to the fall of President Bashar al-Assad and it is embarrassed from the revelation of its involvement in this war. Accordingly, Sayyed Nasrallah wanted to prove that his organization "Resistance against "Israel" "is still active and ongoing," continued Melman.

Melman wrote on "WALLA" news site, "Now it became clear and without any doubt that the operation of launching the unmanned plane is directed by Iran and Hizbullah was only a minor player in it.

Sayyed Nasrallah admitted that the aircraft is produced by Iran, despite his pride that it was installed in Lebanon (there are doubts about this, but it won't make any difference). It can be also assumed that Iranian experts supervised from a control room in Lebanon the launching of the aircraft and its flight, all the time until it was intercepted and dropped by the "Israeli" Air Force over the settlement Yaar Yatir, South Mount Hebron. "

Melman noted that "the reason that prompted Iran to release the plane inside the "Israeli" territory is to create a balance of deterrence against "Israel". Iran is wary of the "Israeli" threats to attack its nuclear facilities. And its counter responses so far have been threats posed by senior officials to fully destroy and raze "Israel". But in order to create an effective deterrence, macho statements are not enough. That's why speech was to be converted into action. The drone's message was clear: We can penetrate "Israeli" airspace despite the air defenses. Today we entered a drone and tomorrow we'll send missiles and warplanes. "

Melman stressed that " launching the UAV is part of Iran's strategy to deter "Israel" from attacking it and creating a balance of terror, in addition to other operations carried out by Iran to achieve the same goal, i.e. the terrorist operations carried out against "Israeli" targets in Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Thailand and others that have not been disclosed to the public."

It is possible to estimate according to Melman that the "Iranian efforts aimed at promoting this strategy against" Israel "will continue, and further attempts should be expected, to carry out operations against "Israeli" targets abroad and send undercover terrorists carrying foreign documents, European, Asian, and South U.S. to "Israel" in addition to other attempts of launching drones into "Israeli" airspace. "
"Israeli" Report: Let's listen well to Nasrallah
"Israel" Defense magazine's website is one of the most important Hebrew websites. It is specialized in military and security affairs, and gathers a group of writers and experts, as it publishes reports and articles followed by those who are interested in "Israeli" military affairs.
The magazine's editorial, this week, was dedicated to the aircraft Ayoub, launched by Hizbullah over the skies of occupied Palestine, down to the nuclear reactor in Dimona. Editor-in-chief of the magazine wrote the following note in the editorial:

As days pass by, the great failure represented by the late-interception of the drone that took off from Lebanon, is becoming clearer. In this context and out of it too, we should listen well to the words of Hassan Nasrallah.

We should always listen seriously to what he says. It is similar to the situation when he announced the damage of the surface-to-sea missile launched by naval forces, and it is similar to so many other incidents.

Make no mistake. The man knows what he is talking about, and he is familiar with every detail. Therefore, when revealed this week the operation of launching the drone, we should have listened well to him.

He said it was not the first time that such a plane flew over "Israel", and I believe him. He also said that it will not be the last time, and I believe him too. Hizbullah edited a footage that simulates the path of the plane. Any novice expert knows that the plane should have been discovered along this path before moving eastward.
What should be done? Inter alia, last week, as revealed the "Israel Defense", new measures concerning light and sports aircrafts in "Israel" were imposed. Including the installation of "IFF" devices (an electronic system identifies a friend from a foe) in each plane and the necessity of staying on a continuous wireless connection with air control. This is hysteria. With Nasrallah there should be steadfastness and rationalism, not hysteria.
Maariv: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S. army will visit Tel Aviv to participate in "Austere Challenge 12" maneuver
"Israeli" daily "Maariv" reported that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S. army Gen. Martin Dempsey might arrive to Tel Aviv before the end of large joint military maneuver between "Israel" and the United States, which will start next week. "Austere Challenge 12", or "Hard challenge 12 ", will last about two weeks.
"Maariv" quoted "Israeli" sources saying that his visit is not final but it is more likely that Dempsey will visit "Israel".

Thus Dempsey will join the commander of NATO forces and European leadership in the U.S. military, Admiral James Stavridis, who will be present at the maneuver.

An "Israeli" source noted that "Gen. Dempsey will come not only to outline the joint maneuver but his visit has political distinctions".
Dempsey will emphasize during his visit the depth of military relations between the United States and "Israel" and the firm position of the States.

"Maariv" added "the Americans have decided to reduce the number of forces participating in the joint military exercise which was going to be implemented in the first half of the year and then postponed at the request of "Israel"."

According to various reports, the decision to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the maneuver was caused by the tension between the two sides on the Iranian file.  
Source: Hebrew sources, translated and edited by

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