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Palestine was not the only usurped Arab country , no doubt it was usurped in a very special way , directly and exhaustively, but the other Arab countries were not less usurped , each in a special way and in a way common to all as well. And since the state called Israel was to be established on Arab land, the creation of a favorable environment became a necessity whereby the Israe...
li entity will be able to last, and even grow and expand and for this many steps were taken , steps which -surprisingly enough-permitted the usurper to last few decades and to survive in a environment that was supposed to be alien and hostile.

This hostility and refusal of the foreign body should be taken care of and neutralized. The first step was-of course-partition of the Arab region into bits of countries unable to subsist and survive on their own with a special status reserved for oil countries . Other countries were destined to host minorities like Lebanon whose Christian identity was to make it easier for the Jewish established entity to survive .

Partition and religious differences were thus consecrated after Arab Nationalism was apparently boosted at the turn of the century as an asset against Ottoman hegemony . Sectarian differences were also encouraged when Arab Christians started turn catholic and protestant and join the Vatican or other churches.

All this contributed greatly to weakening Arabs and subduing them and psyching them into accepting the existence of Israel as an unquestionable reality . Thus, the injecting of the idea of Israel came simultaneously with the amputation of the Arab body and Arabs were suffering loss of Arab identity, and absence of unity whereby they grew busy with their differences while the religion that united the majority of them was greatly challenged .

The orientalists had exposed Islam and tried to make it look as incompatible with scientific progress and modernism and most Muslims- among them religious references and authorities - swallowed the pill and became very busy investigating this approach and, instead of questioning the intentions of their foes, they questioned their own religion and their own heritage . They questioned themselves instead of exposing their enemy and became confined thus either to a defensive attitude or to an identification with the enemy and in both cases they were lead to a dead end .

Working on the subtle level of the Arab mental frame work bore fruits , the west succeeded in turning itself and its culture into a model for all and, instead of seeing in them the colonialist predators that they actually are, the Arabs labeled their western occupiers as Christians , Seculars or Atheists belonging to another culture and -in all cases- they saw in them a superior privileged race that was at a great advantage and because of this was to be feared and respected .

This attitude of awe, respect and admiration towards the colonizer curbed greatly the capacity to resist and win over the usurping entity . Even when identified as an enemy, the west was still object of respect and admiration on behalf of the majority of Arabs . What happened in terms of recognizing and normalizing with Israel and signing peace treaties with it did not happen over night, it was the outcome of many years of labor where there was an induced separation between Israel and its western sponsors -like US and Europe- and then -through education and media and the like- normalization and full identification with this western colonialist power at many a level.

When this was done, all what was required was to transfer this normalization and identification from the European sponsor to the usurping state of Israel in a smooth transition that could take care of most of the taboos that still haunted the Arab subconscious . The leaders of such endeavor were mainly local intellectuals and academicians and students and politicians of various ideologies and faiths who shared this veneration of the west of which the catering to the usurping state of Israel was an intrinsic part.

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