Thursday, 25 October 2012

“The name of the game: erasing Palestine…”

by Stuart Littlewood
Thursday, October 25th, 2012

The name of the game: erasing Palestine…

~Miko Peled

Stuart LittlewoodAround the time my article “Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for?” appeared last week a Jewish lady, Elizabeth Morley, wrote to Mr Cameron scolding the prime minister for his shocking dinner speech to the United Jewish Israel Appeal .

Agent Cameron told his Jewish audience: “With me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security is non-negotiable… I will always stand by the Jewish people… Britain will always stand by Israel, protect Israel, and work with Israel on the path to peace.”

He was definitely not speaking for the British public although he probably thinks he was. On the contrary, he spoke only for himself and the rest of the vile little army of Zionist hirelings that infect his party and the fabric of our political life.

In his speech Agent Cameron demanded, “zero tolerance for any form of anti-Semitism”… this from someone who boasts about his “non-negotiable” support for a regime that practises land-thieving, ethnic cleansing, imprisonment without trial, torture, denial of educational opportunities, and has blockaded and incarcerated a whole nation (the siege of Gaza is over 5 years old and the West Bank has been sealed for decades), imposed a starvation diet on children and launched a blitzkrieg against civilians even when there is nowhere to run, etcetera, etcetera… the crime-sheet is far too long to list here.

There are worse things than being anti-semitic. And supporting a regime that repeatedly commits crimes against humanity such as these, is one of them.

What seemed to particularly incense Elizabeth Morley was this remark: “To those in Britain’s universities and trades unions who want to boycott Israel and consign it to an international ghetto, I say not only will this Government never allow you to shut down 60 years worth of vibrant exchange and partnership that does so much to make both our countries stronger but I also say this: we know what you are doing – trying to delegitimise the State of Israel – and we will not have it.”

Elizabeth’s response puts Cameron firmly in his place,
I do not agree that those who want to boycott Israel want to ‘consign it to an international ghetto’. Quite the contrary! I believe they want to bring Israel in from the cold, as it were, so it may join the community of real democracies – ones that treat all their citizens equally. Personally, I want to boycott Israel for the same reason I wanted to boycott South Africa: for its blatant and brutal racism.
As for Cameron’s remark that it would require great strength and courage to take the hard choices needed to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, Elizabeth retorted:
The conflict can not be resolved while the Western countries employ double standards in their treatment of Israelis and Palestinians, or, for that matter, of Jews and Moslems. Have you, for instance, ever made such a speech as this to the Palestinian community in the UK?
she asked him.

On the subject of Iran she reminded him that Iran is not the only country in the Middle East flouting United Nations resolutions.
Iran has flouted six of them, you say. Well, Israel has flouted several dozen! You say that Iran’s claim that its nuclear programme is intended purely for civilian purposes is not remotely credible and yet you appear quite sanguine about Israel‘s nuclear weapons.
If Iran is a threat to the world, Israel is a far greater threat: its very creation brought endless turmoil into the Middle East… It has incited terrorism all over the world, and especially hatred of our country for having given Palestine away over the heads of its indigenous population almost a hundred years ago…

Cameron had said he believed support for Israel is in the DNA of the party he leads and of the British people. “That is why Britain will always stand by Israel, protect Israel, and work with Israel on the path to peace.”

To which Elizabeth replied:
You said that support for Israel was in the DNA of the Conservative Party. I wish that support for the downtrodden, ethnically cleansed Palestinians were likewise in its DNA! I wish you had the wisdom to realise that as long as Britain displays double standards it cannot hope to be ‘on the path to peace’; it will remain on the path to further enmity and conflict.
Cameron had also repeated the old mantra that there is no path to statehood for the Palestinians except through talks with Israel.
Just how many more decades of ‘negotiation’ do you think will be needed?
Elizabeth wanted to know, urging him to take a short history lesson from Miko Peled in this video:

I’m grateful to Elizabeth for bringing Miko Peled to my attention – the video is a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the truth.

Put Agent Cameron’s speech alongside Miko Peled’s and the extent of Cameron’s ignorance and stupidity are frankly beyond embarrassingly. Peled is an Israeli Jew, the son of an Israeli general and himself a former soldier in the Israeli army. You couldn’t find a more authentic insider source. He confirms what many of us have known and been saying for years. Here are some extracts.

“The name of the game: erasing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabizing the country…”

“When people talk about the possibility of Israel somehow giving up the West Bank for a Palestinian state, if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the objective of Zionism and the Zionist state.

“By 1993 the Israelis had achieved their mission to make the conquest of the West Bank irreversible. By 1993 the Israeli government knew for certain that a Palestinian state could not be established in the West Bank – the settlements were there, $billions were invested, the entire Jordan River valley was settled… there was no place any more for a Palestinian state to be established. That is when Israel said, OK, we’ll begin negotiations…”

But such negotiations, he says, were merely to persuade Arafat to sign and complete the surrender, which he would not do. “The myth we are told is that the Palestinians are not willing to make concessions… It is not the Palestinians who are not willing to make concessions, it’s the Israelis who are incapable of making concessions! Concessions on the land are impossible from a Zionist perspective…”

Peled explains how Israel governs with three sets of laws – one for Israeli Jews such as himself who can do and say what they please and for whom the system operates more or less like a democracy; and one for those Palestinians who are citizens of Israel comprising 30 laws that amount to “a whole culture of discrimination” against them specifically. Then there are laws that govern Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza which are “at the pleasure of the Israeli army – if they want to destroy they destroy, if they want to arrest and beat they arrest and beat, if they want to torture they torture, if they want to kill they kill, and Palestinians have no recourse. This is the reality.”

“There’s a Zionist education system that teaches racism in a very subtle way. There’s an entire bureaucracy that is dedicated to making life impossible for Palestinians through all kinds of restrictions and permits and requirements that are absolutely uncalled-for and unnecessary but are all given and provided under the guise of security.

“And there is the Israeli army, which I like to refer to as one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organisations in the world.”


Agent Cameron is a self-proclaimed Zionist. As if no words were too ridiculous to utter, he tells his Jewish audience: “There is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen.” Well, we’ve just had it confirmed on good authority what Zionists are up to – erasing and de-Arabizing Palestine – and we are well aware of the racist policies they use to achieve their evil ends. One-third of British Jews are said to be critical of Zionist Israel. So Cameron sucks up to the hard-core who support and applaud Israel’s criminal behaviour.

His loyal pledge to this foreign power with its “terrorist” army is totally incompatible with the values we hold dear and is a stain on Britain and the British people. Did he learn nothing on the playing fields of Eton?

Stuart Littlewood
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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