Thursday, 18 October 2012


The real Battle for Palestine is not taking place nowadays in the occupied territories unless all territories have become occupied , nor is it taking place in the UN where Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is trying to win the bid for the recognition of a Palestinian state .What is happening at the UN is nothing but an attempt at diverting attention ...
from the real battleground where the future of the Arab Israeli struggle is being decided .

The bid for a Palestinian State will change nothing on the ground concerning Palestine , these are attempts at finding illusory solutions where lots of time will be wasted in Voting and Vetoing and Debating a barren issue that could not be realized for the simple reason that Israel has never stopped building settlements and will continue to expand in the West Bank with no intention of emptying or dismantling these settlements and no intention of accepting the right to return of Palestinians or withdraw from Jerusalem , not to forget the occupation of Iraq and now of Libya which is also a form of Israeli expansion in the region .

Israel wants just to gain time to change things in its favor in the coming future.
ISRAEL IS WORKING ON TWO ISSUES : the first is the out come of the International Court that is trying Hizbullah for the murder of Hariri over fake evidence and testimony , and the second is the fall of the Syrian regime which is not very likely to happen .

Israel hopes by this to bring the end of the coalition that caused it to lose two consecutive wars in Lebanon and caused Gaza to resist fiercely the Israeli assault . This coalition ,that of Iran – Syria – Hizbullah , Israel hopes to undermine by spreading the sectarian conflict that should take care of this coalition by way of isolating it and weakening it and exposing it to sectarian warfare led by Turkey and Gulf regimes and endorsed by NATO . The sectarian division and separating line crosses not only the Arab and Muslim world but extends to the whole world in the line that separates the so called democracy and the so called freedom on one side and dictatorship and terrorism and Islam on the other side

Therefore the real battle now where the destiny of Palestine is at stake is taking place in Syria where the future of the Resistance to the Israeli state is being decided . Is ignorant who thinks that what is at stake in Syria are issues concerning Human rights or democracy (or Syria itself ) , this is the biggest joke of all ; that suddenly the western countries and NATO in particular started caring about the qualities of our lives and whether we were in want for some form of democracy or freedom and how to help us getting them , and that those who funded and supplied Israel with all sorts of weapons to kill us and our children in 2006 and 2008 would suddenly choke at seeing us deprived of some civic rights , and that KSA and Qatar’s despotic dynasties and Turkey’s military conditioned rule are to bring democracy to anyone .

The fall of Assad is wanted in order to bring a change favorable to the Israeli state and who are behind it , and the turmoils are triggered from the outside NOT from the inside . It is not the Syrian opposition that is acting on the ground , even if such an opposition exists , what is acting on the ground are Fanatic and hoards of extremists , gangs of killers hired by NATO as in Libya , and funded by Arab regimes and Turkey shooting at both the army and the civilians to set the two against each other and create the ground that will undermine the Syrian regime on the basis of sectarian differences and conflicts .

Turkey's role in promoting this sectarian war is not negligeable . Since the event of the Mavi Marmara which Erdogan has exploited to the end , Turkey has found itself pushed to the front lines of the Palestinian issue addressing the majority of Muslims in the Arab world carrying the sectarian hidden agenda with the alternative policies towards Israel that will replace the Resistance labeled as Shi’a with a form of co existence and recognition of the Zionist State

That the sectarian war has found its way to the O’Keefe’s mission is not an accident ,but was inevitable that it will not be left out due to the presence of Muslims and Arabs in the movement and due to the global mobilization against Syria etc. nor is it a coincidence that Catherine Myles was admin of an fb group that spread sectarian hatred among Muslims . In Syria , in Lebanon , in Iraq , in Iran , in Yemen and Bahrain the sectarian war is the new war waged by Israel in the Arab and Muslim world for Israel to enjoy safety, security and recognition . This same sectarianism in the west takes the form of global mobilization against terrorism and the war for the so called human values of democracy and freedom the west claims to spread by its military wars

This sectarianism is the new name for Zionism , it is Zionism itself ; the targeted ones are the powers that defeated Israel : Hizbullah , Iran , Syria . This leaves no doubt about the identity of the faction and the world powers behind it, that are targeting not only these three countries but through them the Palestinian cause in its capacity to resist and NOT to negotiate and normalize but to win and defeat; it is the same faction that is targeting the O’Keefe mission and the solidarity movement in general to curb it and subdue it and put it under the juridiction of the sectarian Zionist group that wants to subjugate each and all.

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