Sunday, 7 October 2012


Nahida Exiled Palestinian

 Goodness is Life

We all have seen the crime scene
Broadcasted live on our TV screens
We have seen the blood flowing
We have heard the deafening screams

The murder-weapon is known to all
Signed "with love" by hearts of ice
It thundered down with a "gracious" fall

 A sigh of relief 
It can't get worse
We all proclaimed
 We've seen it all

No my dears not so fast
That is simply not true,
 far from it!
 I forgot to tell you, 
The worst is knocking at our doors

 The camp of gory fantasize their "glory"
Huffing and puffing for their "mighty rise"
"Smite them all" their favourite hymn
 Biocide became the lunatics' surname
Demons of death, their middle-name

 * * * * *
The camp of goodness is a home for love
Not a predator nor a beast
Aggression is not its trait
But when pushed down, it has a bite

Like full of secrets
Alive... arcane
Patience is its middle name
Kindness fills its heart and soul

* * * * *

"Survival of the fittest" is one big lie
Dawn is approaching, open your eyes
The graceful righteous are the heirs of all
Most able to love, care and share 
With tender arms they fully embrace

Forces of darkness knows no way
To put off the light of one faint ray
Swarms of evil cannot destroy
Seeds of nature, resilient, organic most pure

Dear friend, it's not a pretty game

But don't lose hope, 

With glad tiding I speak to you

Polarization, well on its way

No standing on the fence

As per today

 Do you recall the story

Of David and Goliath?

We are little Davids of our time

Exactly like us, he only had a stone  

Don't waste time in pitiful blues 
Shed off your pride and grumpy moods
Run to the arms of those who love you
Wipe off your tears and start a new

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