Saturday, 27 October 2012


The Arab spring had for goal to do away with the regimes that were not strong enough and could not resist eventual upheavals expected from the people . The Egyptian Regime of Mubarak could not have survived- for example the protests- that would have followed the nomination of his son . The regimes of Ben ‘Ali, Kaddhafi , and Saleh were equally weak , they...
could not have survived people’s riots cause by dissatisfaction on all fronts . Therefore , as a preventive measure, and in order to avoid a successful revolution in Arab countries like the one witnessed in Iran , the US administration manipulated the people of these countries- that were candidates for a real change- to do away with their rulers at they own expenses and bring instead the prescribed rulers wanted by the west. In doing this the US administration sounded like the Israeli authorities who ask the Palestinians of Jerusalem to destroy their own houses at their own expenses. There is no wonder why -in these manipulated uprisings of Arab countries - the help of Gulf Royalties was sought whether that of Qatar or Saudia in order to subdue Egypt ,Libya Syria and Yemen . This preventive measure took care of most Arab leaders that were shaky and consecrated the powers of the Sheikhs and kings and princes of the Arab world.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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