Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hamas, Zionist Entity Resume Talks on Gaza Siege

Abu Marzouq said Hamas did not commit to stop arming itself .
Mursi, the brooker of the Truce did and America is watching him.

Local Editor

A Zionist delegation was to arrive Monday in Cairo for indirect talks with Hamas on easing the Gaza blockade, the Palestinian faction's number two said, warning his group may act if there is any delay.

Moussa Abu Marzouq said Hamas did not commit to stop arming itself in truce talks that ended a week-long conflict in and around Gaza with an agreement for the Zionist entity to ease its blockade of the coastal territory.
According to the Egyptian-mediated truce that ended the fighting on November 21, both sides would respect a ceasefire and then, 24 hours later, begin talks on easing the blockade.

"In the preliminary agreement, Israel agreed to widen the area (allowed to Palestinian fisherman off Gaza's coast) from three to six nautical miles, which started yesterday," said Abu Marzouq.

"That is unacceptable," he said, adding his movement was pressing for a larger coastal zone of 12 nautical miles. "The question of the sea is being discussed today."

The Palestinian and Zionist delegations, which never meet directly but negotiate through Egyptian mediators, would also discuss linking Gaza economically to the West Bank, he said.

The Zionist entity began restricting goods to the enclave when Palestinian militants captured a Zionist soldier in a cross border raid in 2006 and it imposed a blockade a year later after Hamas violently seized Gaza from its Fatah rivals.

According to the truce, the Zionist entity would "no longer restrict the passage of people and goods" through Gaza's crossings, Abu Marzouq said. "That means the siege is broken."

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