Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ooops, I just Committed a Thought Crime!

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian

[Disclaimer: This article is SATIRE]

(This is my thought)

Oops ... what did I say!

What was I thinking?

Where was my head?

What have I done!

Sorry, I beg your pardon, I profusely apologize 

How dare I entertain such an "evil" and blatant "anti-Semitic" thought?

How dare I ask such a "controversial" question?!

Let me take a deep breath, clear my mind, gather my senses back and start again:

O MY O MY... O Sanhedrin Rabbi

I have a confession to make

I've just committed a Thought Crime

Repentant I come

Loud and clear, I declare :

Mossad are not the Terrorists, no no no, Heavens no, they are not.

Terrorists are not the Mossad, no no no, G-d forbid

To further help my fellow activists not to fall the way I did, I would offer a word of advice:

Dear members of Palestine Solidarity Movement worldwide, in order to be protected from committing any kind of thought crime, and in order to  be accepted in the Movement as good, law abiding, free-thinking, mind-uncontrolled members, please take note of the following:

Remember:  when you are presented with  "evidence" that Mossad used controlled explosion in a false-flag terrorist attack  in London no less, bombing their OWN embassy, and framing two innocent Palestinians to rot for twenty years in prison... remember to refute such "hateful accusation" and point your finger towards the person who sent you the information and shout out loud, "anti-Semite".

Remember: when you come to learn that Mossad has been involved in countless numbers of false-flag operations, and when you hear some people whispering: "we need independent investigation to reexamine the evidence of possible Mossad involvement in 7/7 and 9/11"...  remember to silence such "hateful" "anti-Semitic" accusations by using the mantra you have been successfully trained to repeat and shout out loud  "Conspiracy Theorist",

Remember that Foxman's ADL has been struggling  to fight and curtail the rampant anti-Semitism which -for no particular reason- has been sweeping the globe since thousands of years. Your helping hands will go a long way to improve the good work of his agency.

Remember that Islamized Hollywood and Arabized Main Stream Media with its relentless antisemitic programs, articles and movies, is promoting Mooooslims and Islam, and inciting hatred against Jews. This malevolent form of racism is growing completely out of hand, every effort on your part to stop such racism will no doubt accelerate the end of suffering of Palestinians, bring them freedom and make their dreams a reality. Sure.

Remember that Muslims do control alllll of our education system. They prevent students from learning the Holocaust and the history of Jewish suffering, and prevent the world from knowing about the endlessssssss bombing of “innocent Israeli and non-Israeli Jews” by millions of rockets, and the astronomic amount of anti-Jewish hate crimes popping out in every little corner of the world. In such difficult times the ADL would sure appreciate your moral support and more so your cash $$$$$, and foremost you must remember to hunt down the hidden mouth-frothing anti-semites, and expel them from the Palestine Solidarity Movement.

Remember: when you show clips such as this, make sure that you explain to the audience that such acts of cruelty by "Israeli" soldiers are very limited and almost insignificant, try to make the viewers understand that most Israeli-Jews are graceful, peace-loving, highly ethical, extremely modest, kind and hospitable people.

When you organize any activity, make absolutely sure that people distinguish between:
Zionism (a racist nationalistic movement which claims to be Jewish-nationalism but in fact has absolutely nothing to do with Jews or Judaism), and Judaism (which is a race/religion/ culture/ history/ suffering/ morality of the light unto the nation). Palestine is not the "promised land", and "next year in Jerusalem" chanted at Seder refers to a heavenly Jerusalem in Venus.

Make sure that people differentiate between the un-racist "Israeli" society, and its racist government.

Spare no effort to convince people that by claiming to support Palestine and Palestinians, they only mean by that opposition to Zionism, and absolutely not opposition to Zionists or G-d forbid, opposition to "Israelis". No, no, we don't want that, because “our” battle will be over as soon as Israel makes the bombastic declaration that it abandons Zionism. The claim that Zionism now is meaningless and irrelevant is itself irrelevant.

Make sure that Palestinians stop dreaming of Liberation, remove that word from their vocabulary. Explain to them that their aims are one and the same with the aims of "Israelis". Help them to see that their aspiration of liberation is unrealistic and would cause grave injustice to "Israelis", so they omit to support their real aims, and that instead they support your solutions, your aims, your future vision for the region. Convince them to just fight for "Israel" to abandon Zionism, nothing more. Help them to see the humanity of "Israeli" Jews who ethnically cleansed them. Help the understand that "Israeli" Jews are there to stay, so they better lump it or leave it. To this effect they shall only participate in boycott of such things as settlement-grown herbs, and only picket international companies which invest in "Israeli" settlements.
You must make it clear to Palestinians that you are fundamentally opposed to the so called legitimate resistance, and that you only approve of non-violent action.

Remember: when you are told that "Israel" Lobbyist Zionist Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY  suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran , Remember that such claims are incitement of racial hatred and profoundly "anti-Semitic". Yep.

Remember: when you are told that "Israel" attacked USA  and did so more than once   and even killed Americans on duty, and when you are told that it  attempted to blow up the Mexican Congress and when you hear that Jews killed Jews to  force them to leave Arab Islamic lands to immigrate to "Israel", when you hear such insane accusations you should immediately wave the RED flag and shout "anti-Semite".

 Remember, when people hint that they desire to learn, discuss and explore racism against gentiles  in the Talmud, or when they use racist terms such as Jewish-supremacism there is one and only one action that you can do, scream from the top of your head: anti-Semite, for how dare they read the Talmud to begin with?!

As for my thought crime, and to make sure that I don't fall again, and to prevent me from committing such crimes ever again in the future, I will lock my "illegal thoughts" down, I will encircle them inside strictly defined boundaries and promise to shoot any thought caught attempting to escape..

  Thus, I hereby affirm that any mention of words such as Jewish, Talmud, Judaic, Jews, Holocaust, Jewish Suffering, Jewish values, Jewish soul  are Holy Words which emanate  from good Kelipat Nogah  and can only be uttered in utmost adoration and supreme devotion.

I hereby affirm that such Holy Words can only be associated with goodness, righteousness, positive attributes, and heroic admirable adjectives. The said words must never be uttered except in describing the wonderful, the moral and the supreme. Thus, it should only be used when imbedded with rosy images, painted in rainbow colours, adorned with cuddly teddy bears, sprinkled with stars, pink lilies, lilac lavender and rosy flowers.

 Furthermore, I hereby affirm that it is forbidden to mention certain words in association with others such as:

The words: "Israel" and Mossad, in association  with False-Flag, 9/11, 7/7

The words: Jewish, Jewish ideology, Talmud, in association with  racism or supremacy,

The words: Jewish-networks, Jewish organizations, Jewish foundations, in association with the words like power, influence, control, manipulation

It is just freakin' forbidden. Period

 Remember, the most important thing you should do as an activist and a supporter for Palestine is, be vigilant in ferreting out  and ferociously fighting "anti-Semitism" wherever you find it, whatever it maybe.

Above all, remember that your prime role as a "friend of Palestine" is t be a ferocious zealous "anti-anti-semite".


[Disclaimer: This article is SATIRE]

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