Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sheikh Hammoud: Don’t Counterfeit Truth, Assir Blamed for 90% of Sidon Blood

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Sheikh Maher HammoudThe Imam of Sidon’s al-Quds Mosque, Shiekh Maher Hammoud urged the city’s figures on Wednesday not to counterfeit the truth, stressing that Shiekh Ahmad al-Assir was to be blamed for 90% of the blood that was shed during the dispute that took place last Sunday.

During a press conference in the southern city, Sheikh Hammoud slammed various figures in Sidon over the position they have taken of the Sunday’s incident.

“I called for this conference after some figures omit the truth as they did not blame Ahmad al-Assir for Sunday’s events,” Sheikh Hammoud said, noting that he was surprised by the stance of MP Bahia Hariri and other parties like “Jamaa Islamiya” (Islamic Group) concerning the incidents.

“To Sidon’s political sides I say, don’t forge the reality, Ahmad al-Assir is blamed for 90 percent of the blood shed in the city.”

“When you skip the reality which says that Assir is blamed for the sedition in the city then you are perjuring, and perjury is a great sin (in Islam).”

Al-Quds Mosque’s Imam stressed that he would not sell his country for election purposes, adding that Assir “is megalomaniac and he must consult specialist doctors since his arrogance is mixed with bigotry, forming the worst political action ever.”

“Whatever you will do is vicious since it’s based on decay, and blood foils all these actions,” Sheikh Hammoud said, stressing: “We are not afraid of what we are saying.”

Addressing the Sunnis in Lebanon, Sheikh Hammoud urged them to go out of their “illusions, since there is nothing called an Iranian plot or a Shia Crescent.. all of these are illusions.”

“We need a real initiative or else every time someone will exploit such an incident and say it’s a conspiracy against the Sunnis. These illusions should be solved by a clear Islamic stance aimed at bringing the Sunnis and the Shia close together in a way that goes far than statements and conferences.”

Meanwhile, Sheikh Hammoud called on Hezbollah to change stance from the Syrian crisis, urging Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah to declare a new position.
Source: Al-Manar Website
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