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Stop the War Coalition Newsletter #1262.

Newsletter #1262. 22 November 2012 | | 020 7561  |

1) All ceasefires in Gaza are temporary: Demonstrate 24 November2) Please donate to our Gaza emergency appeal
3) Support for Gaza from Robert De Niro and Cristiano Ronaldo
4) What stopped Israel invading Gaza this time?

1) All ceasefires in Gaza are temporary: Demonstrate 24 November
Saturday's demonstration to end Israel's war on Gaza and end the siege is going ahead. It will assemble outside Downing Street at 12 Midday.

The ceasefire agreed yesterday is welcome relief for the people of Gaza who have been under lethal bombardment over the last week. Israel's attacks have killed more than one hundred and fifty Palestinians including many children, injured many more and devastated whole areas of Gaza.

Gaza remains under threat of further attacks. As Stop the War's John Rees says in his article today, all ceasefires in Gaza are temporary (see

Despite promises to open crossings, Gaza is still illegally blockaded by the Israelis. There are no signs that the underlying injustices facing the Palestinians are being addressed. Their suffering continues.

In these circumstances it is important we have the maximum possible turnout for Saturday's demonstration to send a message to the Israelis and to the world that we will stand shoulder t shoulder with the Palestinian people until they have freedom and justice.

Please join the demonstration if you can, and encourage everyone you know to be there. Please use every means you can to publicise the demonstration as widely as possible -- where you live, work, study etc.

Called by Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND and BMI. It is supported by many other organisations.

For more details and updates, SEE:

Transport from outside London
Transport is being organised across the country to bring people from outside London to Saturday's national demonstration. See if your town or city is listed and how to book tickets here.

Volunteers needed for Saturday's demonstrationStop the War needs volunteers to help in our organising of the demonstration on Saturday, including stewards for the march. If you would like to help, please email or call 0207 561 9311

2) Please donate to our Gaza emergency appeal
The response from our supporters and members in the past few days to our financial appeal to support our Campaign for Gaza has been brilliant. We still need to raise more funding, so if you have not contributed, please consider making a donation now: Go here to donate:

If you would like to support all our anti-war work, the best way is by becoming a Stop the War member or friend. This can cost as little as two pounds a month. Go here to see how to become a member or friend of Stop the War:

3) Support for Gaza from Robert De Niro and Cristiano Ronaldo
The support Israel has got from the BBC and mainstream media obsequiously acting as stenographer to the Israeli propaganda machine is clearly not fooling everyone. The demonstrations for Gaza planned across the world are testament to that.

As is the actions from some very unexpected celebrity quarters. Hollywood actor Robert De Niro says told Fox News that the US government was ultimately responsible for what Israel did to Gaza (see ).

And the world's most expensive footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, well known for his years at Manchester United, donated 1.5 million euros to the children of Gaza. The money is very much needed, but Ronaldo's generosity in the midst of Israeli bombarding Gaza is clearly also a political act. (See )

4) What stopped Israel invading Gaza this time?

How did a ceasefire get declared just at the moment when by all the ordinary laws of Israeli politics bombardment should have been followed by invasion of Gaza? John Rees from Stop the War answers this question:
* All ceasefires in Gaza are temporary but what stopped Israel invading this time?

Other recent Gaza articles on the Stop the War website are:
* Mark Steel: Why do journalists and media pretend the battle between Israel and Gaza is an even one?
* Showing sympathy for Palestinians is career suicide for western journalists:

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