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Syria: Vesti Report from Daraya

Syria: Team of in the Syrian city of Daraya.

The “injury” of Anastasia Popova is no real injury, of course, unless a fall on the nose while running under sniper fire counts as such. Daraya is or was embattled.

From there, the south of Damascus was under constant attack by RPGs in the last days (a 82 mm RPG has a range of up to 3 kilometres). Marat Musin (ANNA-News) has reported several times live from Harasta in the past week, including yesterday.

There, the bandits has since then been expelled, and the team drove to the place whereto they have disappeared. The reports from Damascus and the environment are relatively worrying.

Some sources are already talking about a new edition of the “volcano” from summer. As external factors, the imminent departure of Hillary Clinton and the seemingly comatose Saudi King Abdullah are mentioned.

Meanwhile, ANNA-News reports by sources in the Syrian Interior Ministry about the destruction of 250 rebel vehicles near Al Bab, northeast of Aleppo. Even taking into account the peculiarities of the Orient and divides this information through 5, one can still call it a major success for the Syrian Arab army.

Source for the video report:

According to the information by army personnel, the armed gangs from the western suburbs of Damascus – Harasta and Duma – have concentrated themselves in the Syrian city of Daraya, which is located south of the capital. The rebels have reached this point by a tunnel system.

Syrian army units were then drawn together in the city and they began a clean-up operation – now already the eleventh clean-up operation. In the face of the Syrian army, the armed gangs have withdrawn, but in order to stop the progress of the army as much as possible, snipers were placed in position.

Their positions were first aimed at with artillery fire and, afterwards, soldiers were brought on armoured vehicles into the area and since then, the ground offensive is on-going. From house to house, the Syrian soldiers move in short sprints.

Between the buildings is, however, open terrain. There are semi-abandoned farm buildings, two-and three-storey warehouses and halls all around. From there, the rebels shoot.

The two roads, which lead around the house, were shot at. The soldiers decide to break through the walls. In the courtyard, they found a gallows. Thus, the bandits have executed all those, who have refused to support them. In this room, everything is ransacked: everything that had a value was taken away.

This is the frontline; the enemy is located vis-à-vis. The Syrian soldiers take up their positions. Under the roars of “Allahu akbar” (by the rebels), they come under fire again. The bullet hit just below the bulletproof vest and so in the stomach of one of the soldiers.

His comrades carry him out; in order to evacuate him, they call an armoured car – yet there is no guarantee that the hinterland is safe. The armoured personnel carrier shoots through and leaves the zone of the hostilities.

The officers do not like to talk about their own losses, they do not give any figures, but only within the first hour of operation, in front of our eyes, one was killed, another wounded.

The wounded are brought to the nearby hospital. The head doctor is asking us not to film his face: he fears revenge (by the rebels). His house was blown up, and he has already received multiple death threats.

In the ranks of the rebels, there are Syrians, but there are more and more foreigners. On these three sheets name, surname and country of origin are listed: Saudi Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, and Egypt; there is even the name of an extremist from the Chad.

In order to mask the presence of foreign mercenaries, the rebels burn the bodies of their dead. Within days, more than 200 bandits were killed in Daraya. But a part of them managed to escape again.
Anastasia Popova, Mikhail Witkin, Evgeny Lebedev. Vesti from Daraya, Syria.

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