Monday, 19 November 2012

The ultimate challenge

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian

 Would any decent human-being accept to live with those criminals?

The Ultimate Challenge

I confess, we Palestinians
Don’t posses
Your excellent qualities
We lack so much compassion
And generosity

Unlike us, you profess
Lofty principles
And superior morality
Deep rooted ethics
And love of humanity


Invite the Zionists home
Give it all away
Teach us altruism
And live in a camp

Be our model
In self-sacrifice
Live as a refugee
Give them your land

And if they want more
Try to understand 

If they kill your wife
Offer them your child

If they shoot your eye
Tell them you don’t mind

For the sake of peace
You’d become blind

You’ve always been thoughtful
So loving and kind

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